Betting bonus – deposit bonus and sports bonus

While playing online, it’s not unusual to stumble upon some kind of offer or promotion. For that reason, we have collectedall the information you might need in order to find the best online betting bonuses! How to use them, where to find them, which kinds there are, and the rules that apply to them. This is the complete guide! Most online bookmakers do offer some kind of bonus as a welcome offer, so it might be a good idea to check those out before signing up to a betting site. The different kinds of betting bonuses works in different ways, and you should go for the one that goes best with how you like to place your bets. In the list below you’ll find the different bonuses offered by the bookies!

What is a betting bonus?

A betting bonus is basically a kind of gift that new players get rewarded with when creating an account at a betting site. This is a way to attract new players, and to give them a good start at the beginning of their betting careers. There are also some kinds of betting bonuses that are handed out to existing players, and usually those are the best ones.

The most common betting bonus that you’ll come across when playing online is the welcome bonus. This is the betting bonus that is available to new players when signing up. It gives the players an extra addition to their gambling wallet, and works as an extra morot. When a bonus is offered to returning players however, it’s usually a deposit bonus that is up for grabs. You’ll get more information about this kind of betting bonus below.. In addition to these two kinds of betting bonuses, it’s also possible to take part of bets that are free from risk – which is also a kind of betting bonus. More information about this can also be found later on in this text.

Deposit betting bonus

A deposit betting bonus is most commonly offered to existing and returning players on a betting site. It is basically just what it sounds like – a bonus that you’ll get to take part of when making a deposit to your account. Most of the times, the betting site will match the deposit you make with a certain amount. For example you might get a 100% bonus when you make a deposit of up to £50. What this means is that if you make a deposit of £50, you’ll also get an additional £50 – giving you a total of £100 to gamble with.

Welcome bonuses

A welcome betting bonus is also exactly what it sounds like – a little something to welcome you to a new betting site. It’s basically a ‘thank you’ for choosing to sign up to a certain betting site. The offers are different between the different betting sites, which is something to keep in mind when choosing site to play at. You might get to take part of free bets, or maybe the welcome bonus is some kind of deposit betting bonus.

Examples of betting bonuses

Betting bonuses and wagering requirements

Most betting bonuses online does come with some kind of wagering requirement, which is important to be aware of. This is the main thing you should always look up before taking part of a bonus. A wagering requirement means that you will have to wager the bonus you took part of a specific amount of times before you can withdraw the bonus or what you’ve won by using it.

You should always be aware of how big the wagering requirement is, and how long you have to fulfill it. There are different kinds of wagering requirements, and you should always make sure that you know which rules that applies to the bonus you are taking part of. These are some of the different rules for betting bonuses that you might come across:

  • A bonus where the bonus itself won’t become real money that you can withdraw, but the winnings you earn from it will be yours straight away
  • A bonus where the bonus itself won’t become real money that you can withdraw, ans the winnings that you earn from it has to be wagered a specific number of times before you can make a withdrawal.
  • A bonus where you can withdraw the bonus itself once you’ve completed the wagering requirement, and there’s no wagering requirements for your winnings
  • A bonus where you can withdraw the bonus itself once the wagering requirement has been completed, and the winnings that you earn also comes with wagering requirements

So what does a wagering requirement usually look like? We’ll use an deposit bonus as an example, where you might get a 200% bonus up to €50. So if you deposit €50 – you’ll get an additional €100 bonus. In this case, the bonus comes with a wagering requirement of five times. In other words you’ll have to wager the bonus amount five times – meaning €500.

Most of the times, you can’t place the entire wagering amount on just one bet. You’ll have to divide it on different single bets instead. Which bets that are valid for your wagering to count should be clear on the betting site. The site might also have rules for the odds of the bets you place your wagers on, and information like this should also be easy to find. The rules that apply for the betting bonuses are usually represented on a page at the site FAQ – so we do recommend that you head over there to find all the information you need about the bonus you’re interested in.

Finding the best betting bonus

The betting bonuses that you’ll find in our top list for the betting sites are some of the best ones on the market. But when you’re looking for the very best betting bonus available, we do have some tricks that we’d like to share with you. Foremost, there are four things you should take an extra look at when you’re looking for a great bonus.

  • The wagering requirement. In other words, how many times you’ll have to wager the bonus before it turns into real money which you can withdraw.
  • The smallest odds. Find a bonus where the wagering can be made on small odds, that way your chances of winning will be bigger.
  • The smallest deposit. Pick a bonus where you won’t have to make a huge deposit to take part of the offer.
  • Method for deposit and withdrawal. Sometimes, all payment methods aren’t allowed when taking part of a bonus. Check which ones are allowed before making a deposit in order to take part of a bonus!

If you just follow these four steps, you won’t have to worry about losing your bonus or getting your account closed down. Because yes – some betting sites are that strict if you don’t follow their rules. If you’re sure about the rules that apply for all four things, you’ll have nothing to worry about. As long as you no what is required by you in the different betting bonuses – it gets easy to separate the good deals from the bad!

Maximize your sports bonus

Our tip for you in order to maximize your sports bonus is to become a member at multiple betting sites. The important thing is just to make sure that you feel secure at all of the betting sites that you sign up to. In our top list, you’ll find some of the sites that we can guarantee to be safe and secure. Also, we have chosen some of the best betting bonuses available so that your chances of winning will be as big as possible. If you’re a real high roller, you can obviously get advantages from playing exclusively at one betting site. That way, you can become a VIP-customer and get all of the perks the VIP-deal comes with. But if you just like to place some bets every now and then, we do recommend that you sign up to a number of different betting sites in order to maximize your sports bonus.

Apart from getting a few different bonuses when signing up, being a member at more betting sites than one has quite a few advantages. Most of the times, different sites offer different odds. That way, you can always choose to place your bet on the site with the best odds on the game you want to bet on. The sites might also offer different campaigns, giving you more chances to maximize your betting bonuses. So sign up to more sites than one, take advantage of the welcome offer bonus – and keep an eye out for other campaigns in order to maximize your betting bonus!

Use our tips and maximize your betting bonus!

Free bets, betting with no risk

Risk free bets, also known as free bets, is usually offered as you make a deposit. This means that the betting site will match your deposit with a free bet, worth the same amount that you deposit to your account. For example – if you deposit €100, you’ll also get a bet worth €1000 to play for with no risk. If you would loose your bet, you’ll get your entire wager back.

So with a free bet, you can place a bet and either win or get your wager back. Mostly, the free bets doesn’t come with any wagering requirement – you’ll just get a pay back if you lose. Some betting sites do however have wagering requirements on their free bets, so make sure to check out the terms for the bonus before using it! Before accepting a free bet we recommend you to be sure of the following:

  1.  Whether or not you’ll need to make a deposit to take part of the bonus, and how big the eventual deposit has to be
  2. If you’ll get real money or bonus money back from your free bet. If you’ll get bonus money back, these might be connected to a wagering requirement
  3. If you were to win on the free bet that you’ll make, can you withdraw your money straight away or is there a wagering requirement to this too? Are your winnings cash or bonus money?

As you understand – a free bet might not be as good of an offer as it might seem. It can come with a huge wagering requirement, forcing you to wager a whole lot of money before you can withdraw anything from your account. There are however some betting sites that do offer free bets with good terms – you’ll just have to look in order to find them!

Pros and cons

There are both pros and cons to accepting bonuses and other offers from the betting sites. By reading this article, you’ve probably figured out the pros and the cons already. The opportunity to get free money to play for when signing up, and as generous offers when you’re an existing client – if obviously a big pro. As a new player you have the chance to get to know the site before wagering with your own money, and as a returning player you get to feel appreciated.

The biggest con with betting bonuses id definatly the different rules and requirements that they come with. On some sites, the requirements are so hard to fulfill that it’s not even worth to use their betting bonuses. Watch out for this kind of bonuses, and only use bonuses that you know have reasonable requirements. We recommend you to use the bonuses from the Casinos in our top list – which are all fair and safe for you to use. With all this information, we believe that you are prepared to head out and find the perfect bonus for you. Enjoy your free gambling money!