NFL 2021/22

American Football Conference
AFC East
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Buffalo Bills 970277,8256-143840450,0195-16817110664,7451-311
2Miami Dolphins 970277,8287-156840450,0209-23517110664,7496-391
3New York Jets 940544,4159-176830537,5109-17917701041,2268-355
4New England Patriots 910811,1109-188830537,5127-17817401323,5236-366
AFC North
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Baltimore Ravens 960366,7287-160870187,5196-12017130476,5483-280
2Cleveland Browns 980188,9201-125830537,5195-23717110664,7396-362
3Pittsburgh Steelers 950455,6165-173850362,5139-15117100758,8304-324
4Cincinnati Bengals 960366,7213-172830537,5153-2121790852,9366-384
AFC South
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Houston Texans 960366,7221-183840450,0156-17017100758,8377-353
2Indianapolis Colts 940544,4231-229850362,5165-1861790852,9396-415
3Jacksonville Jaguars 940544,4187-186850362,5190-1851790852,9377-371
4Tennessee Titans 950455,6204-174810712,5101-19317601135,3305-367
AFC West
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Kansas City Chiefs 950455,6205-148860275,0166-14617110664,7371-294
2Denver Broncos 950455,6202-176830537,5155-2371780947,1357-413
3Oakland Raiders 960366,7209-140820625,0123-1911780947,1332-331
4Los Angeles Chargers 920722,2194-208830537,5152-19017501229,4346-398
American Football Conference
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Baltimore Ravens 960366,7287-160870187,5196-12017130476,5483-280
2Buffalo Bills 970277,8256-143840450,0195-16817110664,7451-311
3Miami Dolphins 970277,8287-156840450,0209-23517110664,7496-391
4Cleveland Browns 980188,9201-125830537,5195-23717110664,7396-362
5Kansas City Chiefs 950455,6205-148860275,0166-14617110664,7371-294
6Pittsburgh Steelers 950455,6165-173850362,5139-15117100758,8304-324
7Houston Texans 960366,7221-183840450,0156-17017100758,8377-353
8Cincinnati Bengals 960366,7213-172830537,5153-2121790852,9366-384
9Indianapolis Colts 940544,4231-229850362,5165-1861790852,9396-415
10Jacksonville Jaguars 940544,4187-186850362,5190-1851790852,9377-371
11Denver Broncos 950455,6202-176830537,5155-2371780947,1357-413
12Oakland Raiders 960366,7209-140820625,0123-1911780947,1332-331
13New York Jets 940544,4159-176830537,5109-17917701041,2268-355
14Tennessee Titans 950455,6204-174810712,5101-19317601135,3305-367
15Los Angeles Chargers 920722,2194-208830537,5152-19017501229,4346-398
16New England Patriots 910811,1109-188830537,5127-17817401323,5236-366
National Football Conference
NFC East
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Dallas Cowboys 8800100,0299-127940544,4210-18817120570,6509-315
2Philadelphia Eagles 860275,0247-235950455,6186-19317110664,7433-428
3New York Giants 840450,0113-149920722,2153-25817601135,3266-407
4Washington Redskins 810712,5128-272930633,3201-24617401323,5329-518
NFC North
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Detroit Lions 860275,0244-173960366,7217-22217120570,6461-395
2Green Bay Packers 850362,5155-160940544,4228-1901790852,9383-350
3Chicago Bears 850362,5199-159920722,2161-22017701041,2360-379
4Minnesota Vikings 820625,0154-186950455,6190-17617701041,2344-362
NFC South
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1New Orleans Saints 850362,5201-151940544,4201-1761790852,9402-327
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers 840450,0141-137950455,6207-1881790852,9348-325
3Atlanta Falcons 850362,5192-162920722,2129-21117701041,2321-373
4Carolina Panthers 820625,0107-16390090,0129-25317201511,8236-416
NFC West
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1San Francisco 49ers 850362,5218-153970277,8273-14517120570,6491-298
2Los Angeles Rams 850362,5191-163950455,6213-21417100758,8404-377
3Seattle Seahawks 850362,5179-191940544,4185-2111790852,9364-402
4Arizona Cardinals 820625,0188-238920722,2142-21717401323,5330-455
National Football Conference
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Dallas Cowboys 8800100,0299-127940544,4210-18817120570,6509-315
2Detroit Lions 860275,0244-173960366,7217-22217120570,6461-395
3San Francisco 49ers 850362,5218-153970277,8273-14517120570,6491-298
4Philadelphia Eagles 860275,0247-235950455,6186-19317110664,7433-428
5Los Angeles Rams 850362,5191-163950455,6213-21417100758,8404-377
6Green Bay Packers 850362,5155-160940544,4228-1901790852,9383-350
7New Orleans Saints 850362,5201-151940544,4201-1761790852,9402-327
8Tampa Bay Buccaneers 840450,0141-137950455,6207-1881790852,9348-325
9Seattle Seahawks 850362,5179-191940544,4185-2111790852,9364-402
10Chicago Bears 850362,5199-159920722,2161-22017701041,2360-379
11Minnesota Vikings 820625,0154-186950455,6190-17617701041,2344-362
12Atlanta Falcons 850362,5192-162920722,2129-21117701041,2321-373
13New York Giants 840450,0113-149920722,2153-25817601135,3266-407
14Washington Redskins 810712,5128-272930633,3201-24617401323,5329-518
15Arizona Cardinals 820625,0188-238920722,2142-21717401323,5330-455
16Carolina Panthers 820625,0107-16390090,0129-25317201511,8236-416
NFL 2023/24 - Grundserie
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Baltimore Ravens 960366,7287-160870187,5196-12017130476,5483-280
2Dallas Cowboys 8800100,0299-127940544,4210-18817120570,6509-315
3San Francisco 49ers 850362,5218-153970277,8273-14517120570,6491-298
4Detroit Lions 860275,0244-173960366,7217-22217120570,6461-395
5Buffalo Bills 970277,8256-143840450,0195-16817110664,7451-311
6Miami Dolphins 970277,8287-156840450,0209-23517110664,7496-391
7Kansas City Chiefs 950455,6205-148860275,0166-14617110664,7371-294
8Cleveland Browns 980188,9201-125830537,5195-23717110664,7396-362
9Philadelphia Eagles 860275,0247-235950455,6186-19317110664,7433-428
10Los Angeles Rams 850362,5191-163950455,6213-21417100758,8404-377
11Houston Texans 960366,7221-183840450,0156-17017100758,8377-353
12Pittsburgh Steelers 950455,6165-173850362,5139-15117100758,8304-324
13New Orleans Saints 850362,5201-151940544,4201-1761790852,9402-327
14Green Bay Packers 850362,5155-160940544,4228-1901790852,9383-350
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers 840450,0141-137950455,6207-1881790852,9348-325
16Jacksonville Jaguars 940544,4187-186850362,5190-1851790852,9377-371
17Cincinnati Bengals 960366,7213-172830537,5153-2121790852,9366-384
18Indianapolis Colts 940544,4231-229850362,5165-1861790852,9396-415
19Seattle Seahawks 850362,5179-191940544,4185-2111790852,9364-402
20Oakland Raiders 960366,7209-140820625,0123-1911780947,1332-331
21Denver Broncos 950455,6202-176830537,5155-2371780947,1357-413
22Minnesota Vikings 820625,0154-186950455,6190-17617701041,2344-362
23Chicago Bears 850362,5199-159920722,2161-22017701041,2360-379
24Atlanta Falcons 850362,5192-162920722,2129-21117701041,2321-373
25New York Jets 940544,4159-176830537,5109-17917701041,2268-355
26Tennessee Titans 950455,6204-174810712,5101-19317601135,3305-367
27New York Giants 840450,0113-149920722,2153-25817601135,3266-407
28Los Angeles Chargers 920722,2194-208830537,5152-19017501229,4346-398
29Arizona Cardinals 820625,0188-238920722,2142-21717401323,5330-455
30New England Patriots 910811,1109-188830537,5127-17817401323,5236-366
31Washington Redskins 810712,5128-272930633,3201-24617401323,5329-518
32Carolina Panthers 820625,0107-16390090,0129-25317201511,8236-416
00:30 12/2
NFL - Slutspel
25 - 22 ot
00:30 29/1
NFL - Slutspel
34 - 31
21:00 28/1
NFL - Slutspel
10 - 17
00:30 22/1
NFL - Slutspel
24 - 27
21:00 21/1
NFL - Slutspel
31 - 23
02:15 21/1
NFL - Slutspel
24 - 21
22:30 20/1
NFL - Slutspel
34 - 10
02:15 16/1
NFL - Slutspel
32 - 9
22:30 15/1
NFL - Slutspel
31 - 17
02:15 15/1
NFL - Slutspel
24 - 23
Form table 5 latest games in NFL
NFL 2023/24 - GrundserieMPWDLV (%)PG-MPPS
1Buffalo Bills5500100.00123-8439
2New Orleans Saints540180.00145-7273
3Baltimore Ravens540180.00159-9366
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers540180.00115-8035
5Cleveland Browns540180.00138-11721
6Los Angeles Rams540180.00136-12412
7Oakland Raiders530260.00130-7555
8Chicago Bears530260.00118-8335
9San Francisco 49ers530260.00139-10930
10Dallas Cowboys530260.00121-9526
11Detroit Lions530260.00134-10925
12Green Bay Packers530260.00125-10718
13Pittsburgh Steelers530260.00112-9517
14Kansas City Chiefs530260.0096-8610
15Cincinnati Bengals530260.00120-1119
16New York Jets530260.0097-104-7
17Houston Texans530260.0096-104-8
18Seattle Seahawks530260.00100-112-12
19New York Giants520340.00107-115-8
20Arizona Cardinals520340.00124-134-10
21Miami Dolphins520340.00112-125-13
22Denver Broncos520340.0094-111-17
23Tennessee Titans520340.0092-112-20
24Indianapolis Colts520340.0096-119-23
25New England Patriots520340.0088-112-24
26Jacksonville Jaguars510420.0092-112-20
27Philadelphia Eagles510420.00104-140-36
28Atlanta Falcons510420.0095-133-38
29Minnesota Vikings510420.0081-120-39
30Carolina Panthers510420.0045-103-58
31Los Angeles Chargers50050.0071-140-69
32Washington Redskins50050.0083-168-85
Lagens poängform i NFL
LagGjorda poäng/matchInsläppta poäng/match
1Dallas Cowboys30.0620.17
2San Francisco 49ers28.5518.75
3Miami Dolphins27.9423.17
4Baltimore Ravens27.7416.16
5Detroit Lions27.3523.75
6Buffalo Bills26.6318.68
7Philadelphia Eagles24.5625.56
8Green Bay Packers23.7921.37
9Los Angeles Rams23.7222.28
10New Orleans Saints23.6519.24
11Indianapolis Colts23.2924.41
12Cleveland Browns22.7822.61
13Houston Texans22.7421.11
14Kansas City Chiefs22.1917.00
15Jacksonville Jaguars22.1821.82
16Cincinnati Bengals21.5322.59
17Seattle Seahawks21.4123.65
18Tampa Bay Buccaneers21.2119.21
19Chicago Bears21.1822.29
20Denver Broncos21.0024.29
21Los Angeles Chargers20.3523.41
22Minnesota Vikings20.2421.29
23Oakland Raiders19.5319.47
24Arizona Cardinals19.4126.76
25Washington Redskins19.3530.47
26Atlanta Falcons18.8821.94
27Tennessee Titans17.9421.59
28Pittsburgh Steelers17.8319.72
29New York Jets15.7620.88
30New York Giants15.6523.94
31Carolina Panthers13.8824.47
32New England Patriots13.8821.53
American football is one of the sports that never really had a break through in Europe, but is huge in America. The interest in following American Football and NFL is however quite big even in Europe, and here at OddsExpert we do of course cover all matches in the National Football League.
The NFL season always ends with the two top team playing each other in the final, Super Bowl. It’s one of the biggest events in sports, and is followed by millions of people from around the world each year.

Winner odds NFL 2021/22

NFL, a league with much history

The American Professional Association was founded as early as in 1920, but later changed name to National Football League – the NFL. The number of participating teams has changed a lot over the years, especially in the 60s when competition in the form of American Football League showed up.

NFL and AHL becomes one – the birth of Super Bowl

The two leagues competed side by side for a few years, and which league was the better one changed back and forth. Eventually the two leagues were merged together, into the current format with two conferences. The league is divided into the National Conference and the American Conference – with Super Bowl being the final between the two conference winners.
At the moment there are 32 competing teams in the NFL, and most big cities in the USA has a team.  There are however exceptions, such as San Antonio who doesn’t have NFL teams. The teams in the NFL are rarely changed, and Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin has been a part of the league since the start.
Odds, stats and matches from the 2019/20 NFL season

How the NFL is played

The NFL season starts in September, and always with a home match for the previous year’s Super Bowl winner. All teams in the two separate Conferences plays 16 matches in 17 weeks during the regular season. The match schedule for each team in the regular season is decided according to this formula:
  • You play the other 3 teams in your division twice, once at home and once away
  • You play one match against each team in one of the other divisions in your conference, two home matches and two away. This means that you will play every team in your conference at least once every 3 years during regular season.
  • You play 4 matches against each team in one of the 4 divisions in the opposing conference. Those divisions are rotated each year, so that every team will play against all teams in the other conference once every 4 years during the regular season.
  • You play 2 games against the teams that finished in the same place in their respective division as you did in yours. These teams come from the two divisions from your Conference not included in the second bullet above.
This might seem to be an unnecessarily complicated system, but it makes sure that all teams will play at each others home arenas at least once every 8th season.

Play-offs and the Super Bowl

After the regular season, the NFL continues into a 12 team play-off. The two best teams there will later play against each other for the title in the Super Bowl. The 12 teams consists of 6 teams from the National Conference and 6 teams from the American Conference.
 It’s the top 4 teams from each Conference that moves on to the play-offs, along with two Wild Cards from each Conference. These are the two teams from each Conference that has the highest winning percentage, apart from the already qualified teams.
The teams ranked as number 3 and 6 into the play-offs from each Conference will face each other in the so called Wild Card Playoffs. At the same time, the teams ranked as 4 and 5 will play against each others. The two teams ranked as 1 and 2 after the regular season will not play in this round, they are automatically qualified to the next step. That is called the Divisional play-off. There, the winners from the Wild Card Playoffs will face the two teams that qualified directly.
The two winners from the Divisional play-offs will then face each other in a Conference Final. The team who win will get to play against the other Conference winner in the Super Bowl.

The NFL draft

Each year, the NFL teams will draft players from different american collages. The draft order is decided by the team results from the previous season. The team that came in last gets to pick first in  the draft, and the Super Bowl winners are the last to pick. This is to keep the teams in the NFL as even as possible.
It’s entirely up to the clubs to decide where a player ends up. They don’t have a say in the draft, they simply go tho the team that pick them in the draft. The clubs can however affect the order in the draft by negotiating with teams higher up in the draft order.

Memorable players and NFL MVPs

A lot of players have come and gone in the NFL over the years. A lot of them remain quite anonymous, but a handful of them manages to make a mark that will last over the years. At the end of each season, the NFL awards one player the MVP, most valuable player, award. Peyton Manning  was named AP NFL MVP five times, which is more than any other player in history. Tom Brady, the big star of New England Patriots, has recieved the award three times.
The AP NFL MVP award of the 2018/19 season was given to Patrick Mahomes II.