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FAQ – About online bookmakers

A betting company is a company that offer games of chance – such as betting, casino games, poker and so on. This might include games such as roulette, skip-bo, blackjack and so on.

In order to place bet at a betting company, you usually need to sign up. You can create an account directly at the betting company’s website, or in some cases through an app.

We keep track of the betting sites online and monitor their work regularly. If we see something that doesn’t seem right, we won’t recommend that betting company to our users. We are confident in recommending the betting sites posted on this site, which are all regulated and approved for the UK market.

We can’t give a straight answer to this question. All different betting companies focus on different sports, markets, etc. Our recommendation is that you use our odds comparison and BetMate tool in order to find the best odds for sports and matches that interest you!

Finding odds online

Bookmakers, or bookies, are companies that offer gambling with odds. But since most online gambling sites nowadays offer both odds, casino, poker and other games – they are more commonly referred to as online gaming companies or casinos.

Traditionally, the bookmakers offer games with fixed odds – where the companies themselves sets the odds. But lately, more and more gaming companies have begun launching another type of betting – exchange games. This means that it is the players that sets the odds by playing. Most bookies is using exchange games now – like Betfair for example.

Today there are lots of different odds pages that offer games on virtually anything. Everything from classic game items such as football matches to special games like who will win the presidential election. This might all sound a bit confusing or overwhelming at first – but the team behind Oddsexpert is here to guide you through the jungle that is online gambling.

Guide to finding the best online bookmaker

Today’s market for odds and betting online is enormous, because of the internet’s progression during the 2000s. Both big and small gaming companies pop up all the time, and the competition on the market is tough. This is of course a huge advantage to anyone interested in betting online – since there is a wide range of bookies online to choose from.

Among all new gaming companies that appear on the market there are plenty of serious ones, but unfortunately also many rogue companies. And it’s not easy for you as gaming enthusiasts to keep up with the turns, especially if you’re just a layman looking for an odds company to bet at. This is where we come in!

We are working hard to help you find your way through the online betting market – and guide you through all the terms and rules that comes with it. We can also help you find the best online bookie for you – which will be rewarding while betting, and will give you a great welcome bonus when you sign up!

Choose a bookie that has a betting range that suits you!

We compare odds pages

In our top list on this page, we have picked some of our favorite bookmakers on the market. They are all serious, fair, and focused on providing their players with great odds. Most of the sites are based in a European country, which means tax-free withdrawals for players in England. You can read more about tax-free casinos further down on this page.

In order to simplify things for you, we also show the welcome bonus that each company has to offer. That way, it’s easy for you to compare them, and find the ones with the best welcome offer. That being said, we don’t think that you should choose which casino to play at based on the welcome offer alone.

Reviews of betting companies, odds companies & bookmakers

We have of course written reviews of the gaming companies that we find to be the best. We have collected interesting facts about the bookies and what they’re offering their players. Just click on the game company you’re interested in to read the review.

We are objective in our reviews, so that you can form your own idea of the odds page. In the review you’ll find, among other things, what kind of promotions and campaigns the bookmaker has to offer. You’ll also fins information about where they are based, whether withdrawals are tax-free or not, how competitive the odds are, and much more.

Creating an account with an odds company is nothing that you need to pay for, and you do not have to make any deposits if you don’t want to. If you find a bookmaker that you think sounds interesting – then you can always create an account and have a look around before making a deposit. However, note that most welcome bonuses applies to your first deposit. This means that most of the time you will have to make a deposit to take part of any welcome offers.

How to choose the best bookmaker

Choosing the best online bookmaker is not always easy. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are plenty of gaming companies on the market that offer nice promotions and bonuses. Obviously, a good welcome bonus is fun – but it’s not the most important thing. The wagering requirements are often high, and you’ll have put a lot of effort into turning the bonus into real money. And most likely, you’ll also lose a lot of your bonus while doing so.

What you should look at instead, is what the bookie has to offer you as you’re playing. The online bookmaker you choose should have campaigns that suits your interests, odds on the sports you like and so on. If you consider this while choosing gambling site, you’ll enjoy playing a lot more.

Important factors when choosing a gaming company

The fact that the gaming company has competitive odds is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. If you play multiple times a week for a year’s time, you will lose to lose big sums of money in profits if you use a bookie with low odds. However, a gaming company does not always have the best odds on all matches – so this might be a bit hard to judge. One alternative is to have accounts at several betting companies with high general odds, and bet at the company that gives you the best odds on the games you are interested in.

The fact that the gaming company offers good bonuses and campaigns may not be as important as competitive odds – but still something that is of importance. For example, with some gaming companies, you can close games that are right now, get money back if the match you bet ends at 0-0, compete for great prizes while betting, get risk-free games etc. That kind of campaigns and promotions can ultimately become great added value for you.

If you want to make use of multiple welcome bonuses, there is nothing that prevents you from opening accounts at multiple gaming companies at the same time. This can also be a good way to try the different sites, and decide which one you like most. It may also be advantageous in the long run to have accounts at several gaming companies. Then, you can simply bet at the bookie with the highest odds on a game – or at the one that’s giving you the best deals on what you are interested in betting at.

Live betting

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly popular with live betting, to bet on a game while it’s being played. Playing on a live game gives players completely new opportunities to customize their gambling according to the events and trends of the current match.

Today, it’s more common than not that a bookie or bookmaker offers live betting. However, some bookies does this much better than others. What to look for when it comes to live betting is interesting statistics that the bookie provides, but also how quickly and clear the odds are updated in the interface.

Watching the match live is always a big advantage when you are going to bet live. Certainly, statistics are interesting – but they don’t tell you about how the players act on the field and what the shape looks like. For example, you can tell by seeing a player on the field if he’s having a bad day. If he is, he migt be a risk to the whole team in the current game. Because of this, most bookies online offer the opportunity for you to follow a live stream of the game.

Game company with live streaming

Live streaming is perfect if you want to live bet on a match – since you can follow everything that’s happening in the game. It is also always fun to be able to follow a match after placing a bet pre-match, as it adds an extra spice and excitement to the match.

At the moment, there aren’t too many bookies online that offer live streaming. But some of the ones that does are Unibet, 10Bet and Ladbrokes. In order to watch a live stream at a online bookmaker site, you’ll usually need an account with credits to it, or have placed a bet during the last 24 hours. The terms and conditions might be different at different betting sites, so make sure that you know what applies to the site you’re betting at.

Some examples of leagues and tournaments you can follow through live streaming at the online bookmakers are Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions Hockey League and plenty of others.

Betting on your mobile phone

Mobile units are more popular than ever, and a lot of people choose to bet on their phone instead for on their computer. This is pretty natural, since most people carry their phones with them everywhere. That means that, with internet in the phone, betting is now available from anywhere.

Mobilizing their websites has grown to be very important for the gaming companies. But customizing a website for mobile devices isn’t as easy as it might sound – since the user experience might get completely different. This is because most websites are designed for being used on desktop. Some companies choose to create a brand new mobile site, to create an app, or to simply make sure that regular website works for both mobile devices and computers.

Of course, the best online bookmakers offer mobile sites that doesn’t compromise the player’s gaming experience. The best sites usually offers the same design for both computers and mobile phones – and works the same regardless of what kind of device you’re using. This means that the bookies are creating websites that will adapt to suit the particular device that’s being used.

Bet from your phone with the best online bookmakers!

Cash out

Cash Out is something that has gained a lot of popularity among online players lately, and is now offered by a lot of online bookmakers. Cash out means that you have the opportunity to close your bet and collect some of your winnings in advance. How much you’ll get when closing a game beforehand using Cash Out depends on how big the chances are for your bet to actually hit at the time being. If your bet is a part of a combination bet, the odds will be set to 1.00 once you’ve closed the game.

Using Cash Out isn’t always the right thing to do though. Sure, securing a win is fun – but sometimes it’s better to just leave the game for the chance of an even bigger win. When it’s right to use Cash Out is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. The best thing to do is of course to follow the game that you’ve placed a bet on live, and estimate how big the chances are for your bet to hit.

Most online bookmakers that offer Cash Out makes it easy for you to close a game in advance. Sometimes you might even have the opportunity to preset a Cash Out. An automatic Cash Out means that the bet will automatically close if the win reaches a value of your choice.

New bookmakers online

We aren’t looking at every single bookie or bookmaker online – only the ones we find to be interesting and serious. When a new online bookmaker pops up and we find it interesting, we try it out and write a review about our experience. That way, you can find out what you need to know about a certain casino without having to sign up or waste any of your money.

oThis does also go for already existing gaming companies online that opens up a betting section. Both LeoVegas and MrGreen are examples of this – where a casino has decided to add betting into their game range.

Responsible gaming

Playing with real money can be fun and exciting, but it does also come with the risk of gambling addiction. Gambling addictions means that you gamble in a unhealthy way – with money that you can’t afford to lose for example. Because of this, the online bookmakers are working hard to keep their players out of the danger zone. Some of the best online bookmakers does offer different ways to restrict your gambling. Deposit limits is one example of this.

You should also have the opportunity to turn to the bookie’s customer service if you need to talk about your gambling habits. From them, you can get the support you need. You can also contact them in order to close down your account.

Online bookmakers with the best odds

Not only do we review the best online bookies online, but we also make sure that you’ll find the best odds. In our odds comparison, you’re able to compare odds for the most popular games. This goes for a variety of different sports – such as football, handball, golf, tennis etc. Our goal is to find odds from the best online bookmakers, so that you can compare them directly on our site. To find the odds for a specific game, simply click on the game and scroll down on the game page. There, you’ll find a complete list over the odds from all the bookmakers that we receive odds from.

You can also use our free tool BetMate, which works like an odds basket. In BetMate, you simply add odds for one or more games that you’re interested in. Then, we calculate which bookie you should place your bet at in order to get the best combination game possible.


Another important thing when it comes to online bookmakers is that they offer support to their players. All online bookmakers has an e-mail address that you can use to contact them, but sometimes it will take a long time before you get a reply. It’s also common that the bookies has an FAQ section, where you’ll find answers for the most common questions.

The best bookmakers does however offer personal support – through live chat or phone calls. These options are usually available at all times, and will quickly give you the answers you need. Before choosing a bookmaker to register to, make sure that they offer a type of support that works for you. This will make things easier for you if you ever run into a problem while betting online.

You can read more about the support options at the different bookmaker’s sites in our reviews!