Rugby union

Rugby union

Rugby Union, widely known simply as “Rugby” is a full contact team sport. It’s quite popular around the world – and there are more than 6 million people playing worldwide.

There are odds available for Rugby Union betting at most online betting sites, and it’s a popular sport to bet on. With plenty of major international competitions, there are plenty of games to bet on – and we do of course cover the majority of them here at Oddsexpert!

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Rugby Union in the UK

Rugby is a sport with a long history, that dates back to 1823. That’s when Webb Ellis allegedly, during a game of English school football, simply picked up the ball and ran with it. The evidence of the story is a bit doubtful, but the story is accepted enough for the Rugby World Cup trophy to be named after Webb Ellis.

Rugby then changed into two different sports – rugby union and rugby league. Rugby union in the UK is still popular, and England is rather prominent in the sport. For example, England has one of the top professional rugby leagues – Premiership.

Rugby Union events

There are quite a few international rugby union arranged each year – which goes to show that the sport is very popular internationally as well.

Rugby world cup

The world cup is the most important tournament in rugby. It’s a men’s tournament, that was arranged for the first time in 1987. In the new format, there are twenty nations that participate in the rugby world cup. The competition goes on for six weeks, and is played in two different stages – a pool stage and a knockout.

The 20 nations are divided into four different pools of five nations each. The pools are played with a point system, and the winner and runner up from each group will enter the knockout stage. The knockout stage begins with a quarter final, and goes on into semi finals and the final as well as a bronze game.

So far, eight rugby world cups has been played and New Zealand has been the most succesful team with a total of 3 gold medals.

Regional tournaments

There are two other major international tournaments as well – the Six Nations Championship and the Rugby Championship. These are held in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere respectively. The Six Nations Championship is an annual competition for England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

The Rugby Championship is the Southern Hemisphere’s annual tournament for the top teams of the region. It’s also known as the “Tri Nations”, since the three traditionally powers Australia, New Zealand and South Africa usually participates. The Tri Nations is also considered by a lot of people to be the toughest competition in international rugby.

Rugby Union results

As mentioned earlier, we like the idea of keeping everything betting-related in one place. So that’s what we did. Besides the odds for upcoming games, we also provide you with results from previous games, That way, you can use previous stats and results in order to place the best bet on a game. Check out our results page and our stats-page, and step up your betting game!

Rugby Union betting offers

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