Cricket is a sport with a long history, believed to originate from the medieval period in England. It was originally a children’s game, but it has grown to become a national sport in England,

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Cricket in the UK

Cricket remained a low-key local sport for a long time, but it had an upswing after the Restoration in 1660. In 1664, it became legal to bet on the sport – which also made the public interest in the sport grow.

Cricket underwent major development in the 18th century, and became the national sport of England. The success was most likely achieved because the combination of patronage and betting. The sport then continued to develop during the years, and the two decades before the first world war has come to be known as the “Golden age of cricket”.

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Cricket events

Cricket became a international sport in the middle of the 19th century, when it spread to Australia, the Caribbean, India, New Zealand, North America and South Africa.

Today, most international matches are played as parts of tours – where one nation travels to another for a number of matches against the host nation. Sometimes a perpetual trophy is awarded to the winner – the most famous one being The Ashes. The ICC does also organize competitions that are for several countries at once – such as the Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and ICC World Twenty20.


First-class cricket in England is for the most part played by the 18 county clubs that compete in the County Championship. The concept of a champion county has existed in the UK since the 18th century, and the first official competition was established in 1890.

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