Golf is a big international sport, with practicers all over the world. There are plenty of prestigious international golf tours, that usually comes with big cash prizes for the winners.

The best golf odds

Golf is a very interesting sport to bet on, since there are so many possible outcomes. The most common thing to bet on is simply who will win a specific round, but there are also some special bets you can make when betting on golf.

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Golf in the UK

The golf industry in the UK is rather big – and adds a gross value of approximately £2 billion. It has a long golf history in the UK, starting with the world’s first golf club in 1744. During the 19th century, the sport was developed to what it is today. A lot of golf courses was also created during that time.

In modern golf, the UK is mostly known for the Open Championship – which is a part of the majors.

Golf events

The big golf tours draws a lot of spectators, and comes with huge prize pools for the winners. When it comes to golf events, the Major Championships are the most well-known ones. They are often referred to simply as the majors, and are the four most prestigious tournaments in professional golf.

The majors starts off in April each year with the Masters Tournament. The Masters Tournament is hosted as an invitational, and is played at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA. The next stop of the tour is in June, the US Open. The US Open is hosted by the United States Gold Association. The championship isn’t played at a specific place, but at various places in the USA. The US Open is also notorious for being played on difficult courses with tight fairways and challenging greens.

July comes with the third championship, The Open Championship. The Open Championship is always played on a links course, at one of ten locations in the UK. The last stop of the tour is in August, at the PGA Championship. It’s hosted by the Professional Golfer’s Association of America, and is played at various locations in the united states.

Golf betting offers

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