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Tennis in the uk

Tennis as a sport came about in 1873, and was a development of existing ballgames. After tennis was introduced, it didn’t take long before it was popular among the Englishmen. The first international tournament took place in 1877, at the England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club. The tournament was called Wimbledon – and as you probably know, the Wimbledon tradition still lives on. Mainly because of Wimbledon, tennis in the uk is still very popular.

Wimbledon had a massive impact on the sport, and a lot of the rules were changed after the first tournament. The measurements of the court was one of the things that were changed. Tennis was originally played on grass – but for obvious reasons this was later changed. The rule changes and the switch from grass courts laid the foundation for the modern tennis as we know it today.

Tennis around the world

Other countries that quickly came to embrace the tennis was USA, France and Australia. These are also the countries that now, along with England, arranges the four Grand Slam tournaments – Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open.

Except for the Grand Slam tournament, there’s also regularly team competitions for both men and women. The Davis Cup for men came about in 1900 – and the ladies equivalent, Federation Cup, was introduced in 1963. Both of those tournament premiers were won by the USA.

World ranking in tennis

The player’s in the tennis elite does, beside from the individual competitions, also compete in a summary – where you can climb on the world ranking depending on your results. The men’s ranking is called the ATP, while the women’s is called WTA. ATP stands for Association of Tennis Professionals, and WTA stands for Women’s Tennis Association.

Tennis results

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Tennis betting offers

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