Most bookies and bookmakers online offer their new customers some kind of bonus offer. It might come in the form of free bets, deposit bonuses or something else – and with the wide range of betting offers available it’s hard to get a good overview.

But we are here to sort things out for you! Here at Oddsexpert, we collect the best current betting offers from our favorite betting sites online! We are updating the site with new betting offers and betting promotions every single week, so that you can get the most out of online betting!

Different types of betting promotions

Pretty much every betting site online offer their new customers some kind of welcome bonus or offer. This has become a big part in attracting customers, so the sites are competitive about having the best betting offer for their new clients.

For you as a player, this is of course an advantage. Competitive betting sites means better betting offers and promotions for you to enjoy. But it also means a lot of different offers – and it might be a bit difficult to keep up with what they all mean. So we have prepared a guide for you, where we explain what the most common betting offers mean.

Deposit bonus

When it comes to welcome offers for new clients, deposit bonuses are probably the most common ones. The offer basically just means what is says, you’ll get a bonus on your first deposit. For example, you might get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to £50. That means that if you deposit £50, you’ll get an additional £50 to play for as well.

In other words, deposit bonuses aren’t specifically betting promotions. But the bonus that you get can more often than not be used in the betting section of the site. It’s also the most common betting offer for new customers.

Free bets

When it comes to sites online that has its main focus on betting, free bets are a very popular form of betting offer. A free bet is simply a sum of money that the bookie will give you in order to make a bet with.

The terms for a free bet does however vary, so make sure to look that up before you agree to use one. Usually, if you win with a free bet you’ll get to keep the winning but not the sum of the free bet. Sometimes you’ll get your winnings without requirements, and sometimes you’ll have to wager your winnings a number of times before you can withdraw them. That depends on the bookmaker you’re playing at.

Enhanced odds

For existing customers, enhanced odds are often offered on specific games or events. Enhanced odds often occurs on the really popular games, and are generally offered on the underdog. If two popular teams are going to play against each other and one team is expected to win, the bookie might enhance the odds on the other team. That way, the bookies get more bets on the game – and you’ll get the chance of winning big if the underdog team would manage to win.

Money back

A ‘money back’ bonus offer is commonly used for new players on a betting site. It means that you’ll get money back on your first bet if you don’t win. A bonus offer like that is used to make sure that you keep the spirit up, even if you don’t win on your first try. Usually you’ll only get a money back-offer on your first bet, and the following bets will be settled with normal terms.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is pretty much a deposit bonus, but for existing players that have already made their first deposit. Other than the fact that it’s not the player’s first deposit, a deposit bonus and a reload bonus is the same thing.

When it comes to reload- and deposit bonuses, make sure to read the terms for them carefully. Usually, the bonus money will come with some kind of wagering requirement. You don’t want that requirement to come as a surprise when you’ve made a big win and wants to withdraw your money.

What to keep in mind when taking part of a betting offer

Since there are some really good betting promotions out there, it’s easy to get a bit carried away. But it is important that you don’t just take part of the first betting offer that you find. The betting offers does come with different terms and conditions, and if you’re not aware of those you might end up feeling tricked.

So, our first tip when it comes to betting offers and promotions is that you read the terms carefully. Make sure that you’re aware of what you’ll get out from the offer, and what is expected of you. Maybe you’ll have to wager the bonus a number of times – so take that into consideration. If the wagering requirement is high, you might lose money before you’re able to fulfill it.

Something else that might be worth looking up is whether the offer is valid on betting only or not. Maybe you want to try out some casino games as well, and your bonus money could be a golden opportunity for that. Again – read the terms to see what goes for the betting offer you’re interested in.

The best betting offers online

There is a jungle of betting offers and betting promotions out there, and finding the best one isn’t easy. But there are some easy ways to make sure that you’ll find betting offers and promotions that suits you. First of all, make sure that you’re aware of the terms that comes with the betting promotion. Don’t choose a bonus that comes with high wagering requirements, and make sure that you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Also, find the kind of betting offers that you like the best and stick to them. If free bets are your cup of tea, keep an eye out for them on the different betting sites. It doesn’t hurt to have an account on multiple bookmaker sites online, so that you can get the most out of your gambling.