Bundesliga 2021/22 – odds, schedule & results

Bundesliga 2023/24
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Bayer Leverkusen 17143047-114517143042-134534286089-2490
2Stuttgart 17133150-154217101628-243134234778-3973
3Bayern Munich 17141253-12431792641-332934233894-4572
4RB Leipzig 17114240-12371784537-272834198777-3965
5Borussia Dortmund 17103437-22331786331-213034189768-4363
6Eintracht Frankfurt 1778229-21291746722-2918341114951-5047
7Hoffenheim 1765631-31231772835-3523341371466-6646
8FC Heidenheim 1775530-26261737720-29163410121250-5542
9Werder Bremen 1774629-26251745819-2817341191448-5442
10Freiburg 1757528-30221762917-2820341191445-5842
11FC Augsburg 1766526-262417431024-3415341091550-6039
12Wolfsburg 1764725-252217431016-3115341071741-5637
13FSV Mainz 05 1765623-18231719716-3312347141339-5135
14Mönchengladbach 1756627-26211727829-4113347131456-6734
15Union Berlin 1772822-302317241111-281034961933-5833
16Bochum 1758426-292317241116-4510347121542-7433
17FC Köln 1744915-28161718813-3211345121728-6027
18SV Darmstadt 98 17131315-44617251015-421134382330-8617
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
2 - 1
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
4 - 2
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
4 - 0
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
4 - 1
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
1 - 3
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
4 - 1
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
2 - 1
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
4 - 0
15:30 18/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
2 - 2
19:30 12/5
Bundesliga - Grundserie
0 - 5
Form table 5 latest games in Bundesliga
1Bayer Leverkusen532015-51011
2Werder Bremen532012-5711
5FSV Mainz 0552309-459
6RB Leipzig523010-649
7Bayern Munich530212-939
9FC Heidenheim52218-538
10Borussia Dortmund521211-927
12Eintracht Frankfurt51228-11-35
13FC Köln51225-9-45
14Union Berlin51138-13-54
17SV Darmstadt 9851042-14-123
18FC Augsburg50053-14-110
Teams goal form in Bundesliga
LagGoals for/gameInsläppta mål/match
1Bayern Munich2.761.32
2Bayer Leverkusen2.620.71
4RB Leipzig2.261.15
5Borussia Dortmund2.001.26
8Eintracht Frankfurt1.501.47
9FC Augsburg1.471.76
10FC Heidenheim1.471.62
11Werder Bremen1.411.59
15FSV Mainz 051.151.50
16Union Berlin0.971.71
17SV Darmstadt 980.882.53
18FC Köln0.821.76

Odds and offers for Bundesliga - the top football league in Germany!As usual, 18 teams are competing for the title in Germany’s top league – and Bayern München are considered to be favourites to win. Bayern München are title defenders from last season, where they claimed their 9th consecutive Bundesliga title after winning the league 13 points ahead of RB Leipzig in second place.

Winner odds Bundesliga 2021/22

Bayern München3/10
Borussia Dortmund9/2
RB Leipzig16/2
Bayer Leverkusen66/1
Borussia Mönchengladbach66/1
VfL Wolfsburg66/1
Eintracht Frankfurt200/1
TSG Hoffenheim300/1
VfB Stuttgart300/1
Hertha BSC400/1
1. FC Union Berlin500/1/1
1. FC Köln750/1
Mainz 05750/1
SC Freiburg750/1
FC Augsburg1000/1
Arminia Bielefeld1500/1
Greuther Fürth2000/1
VfL Bochum2000/1

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Schedule and results

As we mentioned earlier, Bundesliga spans from fall to spring. The league consists of 18 teams, which means that 35 rounds is played during one season. When all the games are played, and the rounds are finished – the team with the most points will win the league title.

Here at Oddsexpert , we provide all of the latest games and results. You’ll find the latest results and stats above. Tune in regularly to keep up with the German league, which is ranked as one of the best in the world!

Table – follow your team

The team that is placed on top of the table when the season is over will win the league, but there’s more at stake than just the league title. The top three teams will qualify directly for Champions League, and team number four will get to play in the play-offs for Champions League. Teams number 5 and 6 will qualify for the group stage of Europa League, and team number seven will get to play in the third qualifier round of EL.

In the bottom of the table, the last two teams will be degraded to 2Bundesliga. The team that ends up 3rd from the bottom will get to play against a team from 2Bundesliga – the winner will get a spot in Bundesliga, and the lose r will play the following season in 2Bundesliga.

The current table is always available on this page, so that you always can follow your favorite team.

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Live stream from Bundesliga

There are Bundesliga live streams available online, so that you can follow the games that you’re interested in. You can find live streams from Bundesliga on a few different betting sites, you’ll find a list of some of them below:

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  • Ladbrokes

Facts about Bundesliga

Bundesliga – also known as 1Bundesliga, Fußball-Bundesliga or die Liga – is the highest football league in Germany. The league is ranked pretty high in Europe, although it does not quite reach the same level as Premier League, La Liga or Serie A. It is however the league that attracts most spectators. During the 2007/08 season Bundesliga had an average of 36 612 spectators per game, compared to Premier League’s 36 076, La Liga’s 29 124 and Serie A’s 23 180.

During the 2012/13 season, the German teams Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich played against each other in the Champions League final. That goes to show that the german football is competitive and can challenge the other, bigger leagues such as Premier League.

If you’re a fan of german football, make sure not to miss out on the german cups DFB-pokal, Liga-Pokal and DFL-supercup, where the winners of Bundesliga will play against the winner of the DFB-pokal.

Offencive league

Two of the key points that has made Bundesliga such a success is first of all the offensive and high-quality football, but also the cheap ticket prizes. In Germany, the spectators wants to see goals being scored – and Bundesliga raraly disappoints.

Der klassiker: Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich

Like all big leagues, Bundesliga has an “El Clasico” of its own – called Der Klassiker. In Der klassiker, t’s the two league giants that faces each other: Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

Even though it’s not a “hate-game” of big proportions, or a classical game historically speaking, it is still one of the most important games in the league.

Bundesliga winners

Unsurprisingly, Bayern Munich is the team that has won the most Bundesliga titles throughout the years. As of right now, the team has a total of 30 league titles. The second place int he title race is shared between Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach with 5 titles each. This only goes to show just how superior Bayern Munich has been in the league.