Ligue 1 2021/22 – odds, schedule & results

Ligue 1 2023/24
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1PSG 1182130-11261183023-72722165153-1853
2Brest 1164118-7221153313-111822117431-1840
3Nice 1173114-524114348-101522116522-1539
4Lille 1182121-4261126311-131222108432-1738
5Monaco 1161418-11191154223-211922115641-3238
6Lens 1062217-9201244411-121622106628-2136
7Rennes 1263325-1621103439-10132297634-2634
8Reims 1152413-13171142515-17142294928-3031
9Marseille 1165018-6231114611-1872279629-2430
10Lyon 1243515-19151141610-161323841125-3528
11Strasbourg 1143414-1415112459-18102267923-3225
12Le Havre 1042412-10141217411-18102259823-2824
13Montpellier 1227313-12131031611-15102258924-2723
14Toulouse 1015411-1381243511-17152258922-3023
15Lorient 1134419-20131123612-23922571031-4322
16Nantes 1233614-1712103168-171022641222-3422
17Metz 111379-1461232710-231123451419-3717
18Clermont 111466-1571123610-21922371216-3616
21:00 23/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
1 - 2
20:45 18/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
1 - 0
17:05 18/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
1 - 1
15:00 18/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
3 - 0
15:00 18/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
1 - 2
15:00 18/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
3 - 1
13:00 18/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
1 - 3
21:00 17/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
0 - 2
17:00 17/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
3 - 0
21:00 16/2
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
1 - 0
Form table 5 latest games in Ligue 1
11Le Havre51227-9-25
Teams goal form in Ligue 1
LagGoals for/gameInsläppta mål/match
12Le Havre1.051.27

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After being three-time defending champions, PSG were forced to give the title away last season. Instead, Lille managed to secure a sensational title win after defeating Angers on the final day of the season. 

The title was the fourth Ligue 1 win in the club’s history – the first one since 2011.

But if Lille will be able to defend their title looks pretty unlikely. PSG are favourites to be back on the throne of French football this season, and has gotten a new great striker to the team in Lionel Messi, who for the first time in his career has left FC Barcelona.

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The list above covers all of the favorites to win this season’s Ligue 1, and the winner’s odds for the league title – L’hexagoal.

Schedule and results

A season of Ligue 1 runs from fall until springtime. Usually, the league begins in the beginning of August and ends at the end of May. The league is played over 38 rounds, where a total of 190 games will be played.

You can find the current schedule above. We do also keep you updated on how the games end, and are always updating with results from the latest games.

The League 1 table

As mentioned before, we collect all of the results from every single round in League 1. The combined result from all of the games are totalized in a table that we keep on the top of this page. There, you can follow your team through the season.

The team at the top of the table when the season is over will win the entire league. The two bottom teams will be degraded to League 2, and the 18th team will have to beat a team from League 2 in order to stay in the top league. The teams placed 1-3 will get to play Champions League the following season, and the team that finishes 4th will get to play in the Europa League.

The history of League 1

The french top league has a storied history behind it, and was played as early as 1932/33. Beck then the league was called the French Division 1. Today, League 1 counts as one of the bigger European football leagues, although it’s not quite as highly ranked as La Liga or Premier League.

Lyon dominant during the 2000’s

Lyon didn’t win their first league title until 2002. But after the season 2007/08 the team had a total of seven titles – which means that they managed to win the league seven times in a row! That achievement made Lyon the most successful team in League 1 during the 2000’s – a rare luxury.

PSG stole the throne

Lyon lost its flow after the 2007/08 season – and teams lika Lille, Marseille and Montpellier won the following titles instead. After that, the league changed forever as PSG started to renovate their team during the 2011/12 season. With all of the players PSG managed to sign, none of the other teams had a chance against them. PSG won the league for four years straight, until Monaco broke the trend in 2017.

Exporting of french players

Even though League 1 isn’t considered to be one the top of european football, the league does produce a lot of talent. Most of the players gets refined while playing in League 1, and is later transferred to bigger clubs in England or Italy. A few examples of players that were fostered in french teams before they were sold are Frank Ribery, Samir Nasri and Michael Essien.

Difficulties with Champions League

French clubs has also reached great success in the European cups – even if they’ve been struggling with winning. Stade de Reims-Champagne managed to reach the final of Champions League during the season 1955/56, but lost the title to Real Madrid. The same teams met again in the final of 1958/58, and once again Real Madrid managed to win.

The latest french success in Champions League came during the season 2003/4, when Monaco reached the final. But just like the french teams before them, Monaco lost the final game. PSG is now considered to be the big french hope for Champions League, but the team is yet to reach more than a quarter final.

The french cups

The domestic cups in France are called Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue. The final of Coupe de France is played in may every year, and the winner qualifies for Champions Leagu. The Coupe de la Lige final is played in march or april, and the winner there will qualify for Europa League.

The french supercup, known as Trophée des Champions, is when the winner of Ligue 1 plays against the winner of Coupe de France. This game is usually takes place in July or August, right before the league start.

Le Classique: PSG – Marseille

The game between PSG – Marseille is the french equivalent to the spanish El Clásico. Le Classique has gotten a lot of attention recently, because of PSG’s quest to become a power factor in European football.

Even though there is some competition between PSG and Marseille, Le Classicue has always been more of a commercial arrangement. The game is all about promotion of french football – but it is also an interesting game between the two biggest teams in League 1.

League 1 winners

The first ever winner of Ligue 1 was Lille, but then under the name of Olympique Lillois. The team with the most titles, at the moment, is St Etienne with a total of 10 titles. But even if they’re still in the lead, St Etienne haven’t won the league since 1981.

The new gigant in french football, PSG, is however well on their way to reach St Etienne’s level. The team is just lining up titles, and it’s not impossible that they at some point will pass the current record of 10 titles.