Another step towards bringing it home

England played the quarter-final against Sweden on Saturday afternoon – and it was yet another successful match for the Three Lions. After scoring two headed goals, England managed to beat Sweden 2-0 after 90 minutes. The young team is moving on to semi-finals, and the hope that football is coming home is still strong. 

On forehand, experts and supporters alike anticipated a tough quarter-final against Sweden. The swedes, having won the tough group F ahead of Mexico and Germany, had proven hard to beat during this championship. A team with no huge star, no exceptional goalscorer – but a big team heart. And as the Independent wrote before the game – how do you dribble through team spirit?

England used their heads in order to win

Literally. Harry Maguire and Dele Alli, who scored the to goals that got England through to the semi-finals, both used their heads in order to find the back of the net. England proved that they can win even if Kane doesn’t score, and the team played through the 90 minutes with great confidence.

Jordan Pickford in England’s goal was however not left with nothing to do. Sweden managed to create some opportunities, especially in the second haft, but Pickford wouldn’t let anything through. With three major saves in the second half, two of them being on shots from Berg, Pickford managed to keep England in the lead throughout the whole game.

The win secured a place in the semi-finals for England, where they will be facing Croatia on July 11th. By the looks of it, football might actually be coming home.

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