Champions League semi-finals!

This week brought the final leg of this season’s Champions League quarter-finals. Liverpool and Barcelona managed to qualify for the semi-finals rather easily – while Ajax and Tottenham had some really intense second matches. This means that Liverpool, Barcelona, Ajax and Tottenham are the four teams that will move on to the Champions League semi-finals that starts on April 30th. 

Liverpool and Barcelona managed to defeat their quarter-final opponents Porto and Manchester United relatively easy. Liverpool defeated Porto with a total score of 6-1, while Barcelona kept a clean slate against Manchester United and won by 4-0 in total.

Ajax had a tough task ahead of them, as they visited Juventus with a score of 1-1 after the first round. Juventus claimed the lead through a goal from Ronaldo in minute 28, and things looked dark for the dutch team. But the reduction came only 6 minutes later, as van de Beek scored before half time. A goal by de Ligt in the second half settled the score, and Ajax kicked gigants Juventus out of the tournament with a total score of 3-2.

But the highlight of the week happened at Etihad Stadium, where Manchester City welcomed Tottenham for the second quarter-final match. After losing 1-0 on away grounds, City needed to win the match with 2 goals margin in order to advance to the next stage. Both teams came out strong – and scored a record breaking total of 5 goals within the first 21 minutes. The excitement continued until the very last minutes. The score was 4-3 as the match went to over time – and City was chasing the last goal they so badly needed. Nearly three minutes into over time – Raheem Sterling scored his third goal for the night, and Manchester City celebrated like never before. The celebration was however cut short as the goal was disallowed due to offside – and Tottenham claimed the final spot in the Champions League semi-finals.

Champions League semi-final odds

Tottenham vs Ajax
30/4 2019 – 20:00
1 –
6/4   x – 11/5   2 – 37/20

Barcelona vs Liverpool
1/5 2019 – 20:00
1 –
5/4   x – 12/5   2 – 9/4

(Odds from Unibet 18/4 2019)

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