Recap of the first round of the Champions League quarterfinals!

The Champions League is in full swing, and last night the last two matches were played in the first round of the quarterfinals. Liverpool won the battle of England in a convincing manner, and we got to witness a true high-quality goal from Christiano Ronaldo.

The quarterly finals of the Champions League began Tuesday, when the matches between Sevilla – Bayern Munich and Juventus – Real Madrid were played. In the first match, Sevilla scored the first goal after 30 minutes, but already five minutes later, the reduction came from Bayern. Bayern Munich also managed to score a second goal with 20 minutes left on the clock, which settled the final result to 1-2.

The rain was pouring down in Italy the same night, when Juventus played against Real Madrid in a quarter-final version of last year’s final. Christiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Real Madrid after only three minutes, but it was his second goal of the nigh that got the most attention. He scored it with a bicicleta-kick in the penalty area, and it was truly one for the books. Real Madrid won the game with a score of 0-3, after the third goal of the night was scored by Marcelo Vieira.

Last night came with what was probably the most exciting game in this round – the battle of England between Liverpool and Manchester City. Liverpool was eagerly offensive from the start, and it sure did pay off. A weak City defense had a hard time keeping up with them, and the result stood at 3-0 after only the first half. The guests did step up their game in the second half of the match, but the score at half time stood through the entire game.

The fourth, and last, quarterfinal took place at Camp Nou, where Barcelona welcomed Roma. Roma scored the first goal of the game, but unfortunately it was in the wrong goal. The second goal in the match was also an own goal – meaning that the standing was 2-0 without Barcelona scoring either of them. Barcelona did however show that they could score goals on their own as well, and both Piqué and Suárez got to score one goal each. During the final 10 minutes of the match Roma did manage to get a goal in the righ direction, but the final result stood at 4-1 to Barcelona.

The second round of the quarterfinals will be played next week, and these are the matches we can look forward to:

20:45 Tuesday 10 April, Manchester City – Liverpool
20:45, Tuesday 10 April, Roma – Barcelona
20:45 Wednesday 11 April, Bayern Munich – Sevilla
20:45 Wednesday 11 April, Real Madrid – Juventus

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