Semi-finals of Europa- and Champions League

The final results of the quarter-finals in Europa League and Champions League were settled this week, and they came with quite a few surprises. The draw for the semi-finals took place on Friday afternoon, and we have some grat games to look forward to!

On the schedule for today were the two draws for the semi-finals for Europa League and Champions League. The draw for the Europa League semi-finals was the first to go, and this is how the draw ended:

Europa League semi-final 1: Marseille – Red Bull Salzburg

Europa League semi-final 2: Arsenal – Atlético Madrid

The first round of the semi-finals of Europa League will be played on April 26th, and the second round one week later. The final of Europa League will be played on May 16th at Stade de Lyon, and it’s the winner from semi-final 1 that will be home team in that game.

Next up was the draw for the semi-finals of Europa League. The quarter finals of the league came with plenty of surprises, and the teams that participated in the draw was Roma, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. This was the result of the semi-final draw for Champions League:

Champions league semi-final 1: Bayern Munich – Real Madrid

Champions League semi-final 2: Liverpool – Roma 

The first round of the Champions League semi-finals will be played on April 24th and 25th. Bayern Munich – Real Madrid will be played on the Tuesday and Liverpool – Roma on the Wednesday, and the re-matches will be played the following week. The Champions League final will be played in Kiev on the 26th May, and the winner from semi-final 1 will be the home team there. You’ll find odds and great offers on both Champions- and Europa League at Unibet!




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