The Europa- and Champions League finalists has been settled!

Last week came with the last round of the semi finals in both Europa- and Champions League. There were plenty of exciting matches, and quite a few of them weren’t settled until the very last minute. But now we have our finalists for the two big finals! Marseille will play against Atlético Madrid in the Europa League final, and Real Madrid will face Liverpool in Champions League. 

Real Madrid – Bayern Munich kicked off the final week of semi finals, with the standings 1-2 in favour of Real Madrid after the initial game. Bayern had no choice other than to chase goals from the start, and their offensive gameplay paid off after no more than three minutes. But that was the closest the germans would get, and he match ended in a draw with the result 2-2. The final result was set to 4-3 to Real Madrid, who will be playing their third Champions League final in a row.

The other Champions League semi final was also an exciting one. Liverpool was in the lead with 5-2 after the initial round, which meant that Roma needed to win with at least 3-0 in order to reach the final.  But it was Liverpool that scored the first goal, in the 9th minute. Roma did however equalize to 1-1 six minutes later, and the italian hope sparked up again. Roma did almost take the match to additional time after scoring a pentaly goal in the 94th minute – but they didn’t have time to score the last goal that they needed. The match ended with the result 4-2 to Roma, and the final result was  6-7 in favour of Liverpool. That means Liverpool has qualified to their first Champions League final in eleven years.

The Champions League final between Real Madrid – Liverpool will be played on May 26th.

Marseille and Atlético Madrid to the Europa League final

One of the Europa League semi finals was played between Red Bull Salzburg and Marseille, where the score after the first match was 0-2. Salzburg played very well, and had evened the score to 2-2 after full time. Marseille was however a bit better in the additional time, and scored the winning goal in the 166th minute.

Semi final number two was played between the major European teams Atlético Madrid and Arsenal, with the score 1-1 after the initial round. The second match was also an even one, altough Arsenal did put a lot of preassure on Atlético at times. They didn’t manage to score any goals however, and instead Atlético would score the only goal of the match through Diego Costa at the end of the first half. Atlético Madrid to the Europa League final in other words, and Arséne Wengers last success with Arsenal failed.

The Europa League final between Marseille – Atlético Madrid will be played on May 16th.

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