The Premier League season has come to an end!

The 38-game season of Premier League has now come to an end, and it was an eventful last round. Liverpool managed to get the fourth place in the table after defeating Brighton, and has a place for the Champions League next year. Yet another win for Manchester City means that they win the title being 19 points ahead of Manchester United in second place. Swansea lost their final match against Stoke, which means that Seansea lost their place in Premier League next season. 

Manchester City secured the title quite a few weeks ago now, so the only question was how many points they were going to defeat Manchester United with. After winning the final match against Southampton, the answer for that question would be 19 points. City ended up with a total of 100 points, a good margin down to Manchester United with 81 points in second place. This means that Manchester City will be entering next season’s Champions League in the group stage.

Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool ended up in place 2-4 in the table. This means that Manchester United and Tottenham will join Manchester City at the group stage of next season’s Champions League. Liverpool will however have to enter Champions League at the play-off round and must win a two-legged knockout tie in order to reach the group stage.

Chelsea ended up on 5th place, and are therefore automatically qualified for next season of the Europa League. Arsenal and Burnley came in 6th and 7th, and might have the chance to qualify to the Europa League as well. Swansea, Stoke City and West Brom ended up in the last three places of the table, and will be delegated to play the Championship next year.

One thing that’s worth to mention is also Mohamed Salah’s new record. The Liverpool player managed to break the previous scoring record or a 38-game season. With a total of 32 goals this season, taking him past previous record-holders like Alan Shaerer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez. On Sunday, Salah was also named Premier League player of the year – a well deserved title! Coming up next for the record-breaking Egyptian is Liverpool’s Champions League final against Real Madrid in a couple of weeks.

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