Brentford – Fulham 1/10, odds and results

Best game odds
1 27/20
X 5/2
2 9/4
Chance of winning
Odds for Brentford - Fulham
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Game facts and information

Brentford - Fulham in EFL Cup

Brentford and Fulham played against each other in EFL Cup with kick-off at 17:30 den 1 October.

Brentford won the last match against Fulham

The match ended in a win for Brentford with the final result of 3 - 0. Brentford came out as winners, wich means 3 new points for the table. The loss for Fulham means no new points in this round of EFL Cup.

The best & highest odds for Brentford - Fulham

Ahead of the game between Brentford and Fulham in EFL Cup, Brentford were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. Average odds for favourite Brentford, at the 7 betting companies was 213/100.

Unibet offered the best odds for Fulham to win, at 9/4 times your wager. In average, you could place a bet on Fulham to win to the odds of 129/100 at the 7 betting companies in our odds comparison.

Bet365 was the betting company that offered the best odds on a draw between Brentford and Fulham - 3.50. That Brentford - Fulham would end in a draw before match gave an average odds od 241/100 at the 7 betting companies we compared.

Point record Brentford

The home team Brentford has in 2 home matches scored a total of 6 points. A record that means an average of 3,00 scored points per home match.

In 2 played away matches, Brentford has scored 6 points in EFL Cup. This means that Brentford has an average score in away matches of 3,00 points per match.

In EFL Cup, Brentford has scored 12 points in the 4 matches played so far. This season, Brentford has an average of 3,00 points mer match.

Point record Fulham

Fulham has during this season of EFL Cup secured 3 points in the 1 matches played at home. And a home record that means 3,00 points per home match.

3 points is what Fulham has scored in their 2 away matches this season. In away matches, Fulham has scored an average of 1,50 points per match this season.

Fulham has scored 6 points in EFL Cup so far this season, in 3 played matches. Fulham therefore has an average of 2,00 scored points per match.

Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
18:30 1/10
1/10 18:30
3 - 0
20:45 4/8
4/8 20:45
EFL Championship
1 - 2 ot
13:30 20/6
20/6 13:30
EFL Championship
0 - 2
16:00 14/12 2019
2019 14/12 16:00
EFL Championship
1 - 0
18:30 14/4 2018
2018 14/4 18:30
EFL Championship
1 - 1
16:00 2/12 2017
2017 2/12 16:00
EFL Championship
3 - 1
16:00 29/4 2017
2017 29/4 16:00
EFL Championship
1 - 1
20:45 4/11 2016
2016 4/11 20:45
EFL Championship
0 - 2
16:00 30/4 2016
2016 30/4 16:00
EFL Championship
3 - 0
16:00 12/12 2015
2015 12/12 16:00
EFL Championship
2 - 2
Teams stats in EFL Cup
Games played224
Games won224
Games drawn000
Games lost000
Goals for8917
Goals for per game4,004,504,25
Goals against369
Goals against per game1,503,002,25
Goals against and for per game5,507,506,50
Games played123
Games won112
Games drawn000
Games lost011
Goals for213
Goals for per game2,000,501,00
Goals against033
Goals against per game0,001,501,00
Goals against and for per game2,002,002,00

Point statistics for Brentford - Fulham

After the win, we have a record of 4 wins, 0 losses och 0 draws in the last five matches for Brentford. Fulham lost, and now has a record of 1 losses in their last 5 matches, along with 0 ties and 2 wins.

After winning against Fulham, Brentford has collected12 points of 15 possible in their 5 latets matches. Fulham has on the other hand collected 15 in their 5 latest.

Goal stats for Brentford and Fulham

Calculating the total amounts of goals scored per match on home ground this season of EFL Cup, Brentford has scored an average of 4,00 per match in 2 matches. On home ground, Brentford has conceded an average of 1,50 goals in this season of EFL Cup.

In the 4 matches Brentford has played in EFL Cup this season, the team has scored a total of 17 goals, with an average of 4,25 goals per match. During this season, Brentford has conceded a total of 9 goals in the 4 matches in the league. In average, Brentford has conceded a total of 2,25 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Fulham has scored a total of 1 goals in the 2 away matches they've played this season of EFL Cup. Fulham does on the other hand have a record of 3 conceded goals during this season of EFL Cup.

Fulham have in this season of EFL Cup scored a total of 3 goals. In the 3 matches that Fulham have played this season, an average of 1,00 goals has been scored per match. Fulham has played a total of 3 matches this season, and during those 3 matches the team has conceded a total of 3 goals giving them an average of 1,00 conceded goals per match.