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In the odds comparison you’ll find current odds in different forms from the big betting companies. By using the odds comparison at OddsExpert, you can also find and compare odds for doubles, triples and bigger combination bets. You’ll find the best odds for Premier League, La Liga etc.

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Thursday – 2019-09-19
17:55 19/9
CFR Cluj – Lazio Europa League
Sunday – 2019-09-22
19:45 22/9
Sunday – 2020-01-26
15:00 26/1

The odds where updated at 2019-09-16 23:11:55. We reserve ourselves for any abnormalities.

Bonus for new players / Terms & conditions applies / 18+ / Gamble responsibly

Compare odds from the biggest online bookmakers

Are you looking for the best available odds online? Then you’ve come to the right place! In our Odds Comparison tool we have collected the best odds from the biggest betting companies on the market. We’re listing the best odds for each match, so that you easily can find the most profitable odds.

The Odds Comparison is free to use, and there is no need to sign up to anything. Simply use the filters in order to find the matches you’re interested in betting on – and the best available odds will be presented to you. We do all the work, and you have all the information you need collected in one place – it doesn’t get much easier than that!

BetMate – a tool to find the best bookmaker for your bet

As if the odds comparison wasn’t enough, we have also created a tool to help your find the best bookmaker to place your bets at. The BetMade works a lot like a regular odds basket – but you place bets in it rather than just odds.

Once you have selected you bets you would like to place, the BetMate will have a look at which bookmakers offer them – and will calculate the betting company that offers the best odds on the given combination. Another tool that will help you place the best bets possible – completely free of charge!

How the odds comparison works, and how to find the best odds

In the list above you’ll find the best 1X2-odds on each match, along with the betting company that offer the most favorable odds. By clicking the basket next to the odds, you will add the bet to our BetMate-tool. If you’re looking for other odds types, simply click your way into the specifik match you’re interested in. On the match page you’ll find odds for over/under, half time, result and much more.

You will also find a complete list over the odds offered by the different betting sites, and not just the best ones. You can move any bets you want to place to the BetMate by clicking the basket – and the tool will show you the separate odds as well as the best combination bet available.

If your looking for additional information for a specific match, you’ll find this on the match’s own page. There you will find anything from available live streaming channels, team stats, results from previous mutual meetings and much more. Everything you need for a pleasant betting experience!

Odds from the biggest betting companies

The odds stated in our Odds Comparison comes directly from the betting site’s own odds feeds. The feeds are updated regularly, in order to make sure that the odds shown are correct. Technical errors can however occur, and we reserve ourselves from any inaccurate odds in our lists.

Why use the Odds Comparison?

Most of the bigger online bookmakers offer pretty much the same odds for the same bets – especially on the regular betting markets such as 1X2 or over/under. But even though the odds are usually pretty much the same, there is almost always one or two that stands out with better odds than the rest. This is where we come in to the picture – because we can compare different bookmaker’s odds in no time at all.

But why is it important to find the best odds? Looking for the best available odds might not seem very important – especially with low stakes in a short term perspective. If you play with bigger bets however, winning on a 1,60 odds could be worth a whole lot more than a 1,50 odds. It’s also important to look at your betting in a long-term perspective. If you place bets on a regular basis, your wins and the average return will grow significantly if you make a habit out of always looking for the best odds. An easy way to see the difference it makes is to have a look on the bets you’ve placed during the last month or so. Put all the bets together, raise each odds with 0,05 and calculate the difference it makes. It might not look like a lot – but it will make a huge difference in the long run!