The road to a World Cup Free Bet bank!

Road to World Cup Free Bet bank with 10Bet!

Get on the road to Russia by scoring a £5 World Cup Free bet every time you bet on the top sports event at 10Bet. With this offer, you can collect free bets until the big kick-off on June 14 – and build your World Cup Balance! 

This year’s World Cup is closing in, and 10Bet is giving you a chance to build a World Cup Free Bet balance before it begins. 10Bet has chosen some exciting upcoming matches that will give you a £5 World Cup Free Bet if you bet more than £20 on them!

Build your World Cup Free Bet bank over at 10Bet

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to 10Bet and click the opt in button next to the upcoming event in the list found over at 10Bet’s site.
  2. Bet at least €20 on the event at min. odds of 1.20
  3. Get a €5 Free Bet for any World Cup match

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