Win £100 000 with Unibet 4 Predictor!

Guess the results for the quarterfinals and £100 000!

Champions League is finally back with the exciting quarterfinals, and with Unibet’s new competition, the thrill is further tightened. Guess the final results in this week’s four quarterfinals for your chance to win £100 000!

By gussing the results on this week’s Champions League round, you have a chance of winning £100 000. Taking part of the Unibet 4 Predictor is simple – just fill in your guesses of the final results in the four matches at full time. You enter your result guesses at Unibet by writing in each team’s number of goals. The winner of the £100 000 will be the winner to guess all four results correctly!

In each coming round of the Champions League, there will be a jackpot prize of £100 000 – which will be awarded to the player who guessed all the results correctly. If multiple players gets all the results right, the prize money will be shared equally between the winners.

If no player gets all the results right – a prize of £25 000 will be awarded to the player with the highest score. 10 points are awarded if you have guessed the right team as winner, and 30 points are awarded if you get the final result rigt. In other words, you can get a maximum of 40 points per match. If multiple players share the first place, the £25 000 will be divided equally between them.

Guess the Champions League results at Unibet for your chance to win

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