Presidential Election 2020 – odds & results

The Presidential Election 2020 will be held on November 3. The big question is – will current President Donald Trump stay in place for another four years, or will he be replaced? On this page, you will find the best 2020 presidential election odds online!

Odds for US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election 2020

BetTo winOdds
Joe Biden
51.48% 83/100 Play
Donald Trump
47.11% 1/1 Play
Kamala Harris
1.41% 66/1 Play

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US Presidential Election 2020 Winning Party

BetTo winOdds
52.86% 19/25 Play
46.52% 1/1 Play
0.62% 150/1 Play

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Unexpected victory for Trump 2016

As the election underdog, Trump won unexpectedly against Hillary Clinton back in 2016. But for the 2020 election, Trump is considered to be the favourite to be elected for another four years of presidency. A factor that can be absolutely crucial for the 2020 US election is the economic situation in the USA, which has been strong during Trumps presidency, but is expected to drop before the election day.

Another big factor for the 2020 election’s outcome is which candidate the Democrats will choose. Hillary Clinton has left a big empty space, and there is no given candidate that will be able to challenge Trump. The Democrat’s primary election is more interesting than it has been in years, much like the Republican’s was when Trump won the presidential election.

2020 presidential election odds

Here at Odds Expert, you can find the best presidential election odds available online. The current odds give hints about an uncertain election, where neither of the parties seems to have an advantage.

Donald Trump is the obvious favourite to become the Republican candidate for the election 2020. For the Democrats, Bernie Sander has resigned from the primary election – and Joe Biden is now considered to be the top candidate for the Democrats 2020.

The early election odds were very even when it came to which party will win the 2020 election. But as we get closer to the election, odds for the Republicans keep dropping as Donald Trump holds a strong position as the current President of the United States.

FAQ – About the American presidential election 2020

When is the 2020 presidential election?

The US presidential election always falls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, which means that the 2020 election will take place on 3 november.

How does the American election system work?

The winner of the presidential election isn’t necessarily the candidate that gets the most votes nationally. Instead, candidates compete to win electoral college votes. Each state has a certain number of electors and how the electors vote is based on how the people in the state have cast their votes, and in general, all electors vote for the candidate who won the state referendum.

In order to become President of the United States, a candidate must get more than halv of the electoral college votes – more than 270.

Who are the candidates?

The Republican candidate is current President Donald Trump, who is hoping to be elected for a new term. Democrats are running for Joe Biden, who previously served as vice president during Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House.

Who will win the 2020 election?

Odds for the US presidential election tend to fluctuate back and forth al the way up until election day. With us at OddsExpert, you can follow the changes via graphs – right up until a new president has been elected!

How do you bet on the presidential election?

Odds for the US presidential election are offered on most betting sites. With our help you can find the best odds offered online, and we also help you find betting sites with offers and offers that suit your wishes!

Number of votes does not dictate – number of electors does

In the USA, the number of votes doesn’t decide who becomes president. The number of electors does. For example, AL Gore got more votes than George W Bush in the election of 2000, but Bush won since he got more electors.

The same thing also happened in the 2016 election – Hillary Clinton got the most votes, but Donald Trump won by more electors.

Each state gets to vote for their top presidential candidate, and then the electors will cast their votes according to the election result in their state. How many electors a state has is determined by the number of inhabitants in the state. In order to win, a presidential candidate must get the votes from at least 270 electors.

Dates for the Presidential election of 2020

  • August 17: Democratic Convention in Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Postponed)
  • August 24-27: Republican Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • November 3: Election Day