Bet365 – bonus, stream and odds

Bet365 – bonus, stream and oddsBet365 odds and online betting

In order to give you the most honest review about each betting site, we put them to the test by trying them out as registered players. Bet365 is one of the betting sites that we have put to the test, and we can honestly say that we think they are one of the best online betting companies on the market. When we compare Bet365 to other betting companies, we find Bet365 to have the widest range of competitive odds, betting items and -markets. We are also very impressed by the extra services that Bet365 provides their customers with.

Bet365 welcome offer

When we decided to register to Bet365, we found it really easy and uncomplicated to create an account. Registering is a quick process, and you can access the welcome offer right away.

Bet365 odds

Looking at the Bet365 betting site, the first impression we get is that there is a wide range of sports and betting markets available. The betting markets we found ranged from football to snooker and plenty of different special games. We also found odds for more unusual betting markets on plenty of matches, that we find missing on a lot of other betting companies.

We put the Bet365 odds to the test by comparing the odds they offered on Premier League with the odds offered on the same league by other betting companies. It turned out that the Bet365 odds were highly competitive, and stood up well compared to odds offered by other betting companies.

Another thing that we really appreciate with Bet365’s betting range is the fact that they offer odds on lower divisions than most other betting sites.

Find the best odds online at Bet365

Offers and promotions at Bet365

We think that the offers and promotions that you’ll find at Bet365 when you’re a registered user is a great feature. The promotions varies between anything from money back if you bet on a match that has the final result of 0-0, to enhanced odds on different matches. The offers and promotions does however change and are not always the same. So we do recommend that you sign into your account at Bet365 every now and then to see if they have any great promotions going!

Bet365 live betting

As most online players nowadays, we’re really big fans of live betting. Bet365 suited us really well in that sense, since they offer a live betting range that we find to be one of the best on the market. Not only are live odds available on a lot of matches, there are also a wide range of bets available on each of the matches – which is a big thumbs up from us at Odds Expert!

User-friendliness is also something that we would like to highlight when speaking of live betting. We found it really easy to live bet, and you’d be able to use it even if you’re new to online betting. Live betting from the phone was just as easy as doing it on our computer – and it’s very clear how to bet.

Bet365 live stream

Place a bet at Bet365

Placing bets over at Bet365 is, in our opinion, really easy. We simply added odds to our voucher, set the amount of money we wanted to bet, and then we were good to go! No unnecessary functions, no traps to fall into – just online betting in the most simple way possible. A big thumbs up from us for that!

Bet365 mobile betting

Betting sites nowadays have to be possible to use on mobile devices, since most players likes to bet while they’re on the go. When we tried to use Bet365 on our phones, we didn’t find it to be any harder than betting on our computers. We headed over to in the phone’s browser, logged into our account, and were able to use all the same services that we could from the computer.

Bet on the go with Bet365 mobile!

Design and interface layout

The team here at Odds Expert is in no way unexperienced when it comes to using online betting sites, but we did still have some difficulties when navigating through the site in order to get to the odds. We don’t think it’s clear where you should go in order to find odds to bet on. On the football page for example, it was all sorted by matches instead of by leagues as it is on most other betting sites.

Long-term bets were also a bit tricky to find, since they were placed separate from the matches. Instead of finding the long-term bets on relevant matches, you had to go back to the football-page, for example, in order to find long-term bets such as “Who will win the title?”. The layout of the page is in other words a bit different to most other online betting sites, but once you get used to it we don’t think navigation would be a problem.

There are of course also some upsides with the design, and the thing that stood out to us were the color scheme. The site has a cool gray background with green as well as yellow elements with pictures that highlight the most important. So the colors made navigation easier, just as it should.

Deposits and withdrawals

When it comes to retrieving winnings and depositing money to your account, Bet365 offer plenty of payment methods to choose from. Options such as regular bank transfer, e-wallets and credit cards are available – so we think that there’s something to suit anyone there.

Most of the available ways to transfer winnings or deposits doesn’t require any fee, which is something that we really appreciate.


In conclusion, we’d like to say that Bet365 is one of the better betting companies available online. In our personal opinion, the betting site offer a wide range of odds to choose from, as well as other great services. The only negative comment we have is that navigation could be made a bit easier, but that’s probably mostly because we’re used to using betting sites that uses a different layout. All in all, we find Bet365 to be a great online betting site – and we would certainly recommend it to others!