Premier League 2021/22 – odds, schedule & results

Premier League 2023/24
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Liverpool 13112037-11351374226-142526186263-2560
2Manchester City 1394031-11311281327-152525175358-2656
3Arsenal 1292130-11291382328-112625174458-2255
4Aston Villa 1291231-13281363421-202125154652-3349
5Tottenham 1390426-18271255226-202025145652-3847
6Manchester United 1271418-18221371517-162225142935-3444
7Brighton 1265126-15231343622-251525108748-4038
8Newcastle 1382331-16261232722-2511251141053-4137
9West Ham 1254318-17191352618-271725106936-4436
10Chelsea 1253420-18181352622-2317251051042-4135
11Wolverhampton 1253419-20181352620-2017251051039-4035
12Fulham 1371523-15221214711-26725851234-4129
13Bournemouth 1134412-17131343621-291524771033-4628
14Brentford 1343622-27151231813-171025741435-4425
15Crystal Palace 1233615-19121334613-251325671228-4425
16Nottingham 1343619-20151223713-24925661332-4424
17Everton 1334614-1581252513-181225861127-3320
18Luton 1332819-22111223716-29925551535-5120
19Burnley 13121013-3251222812-23825341825-5513
20Sheffield United 1322912-3681212910-29525341822-6513
20:30 21/2
Premier League - Grundserie
4 - 1
20:30 20/2
Premier League - Grundserie
1 - 0
21:00 19/2
Premier League - Grundserie
1 - 1
17:30 18/2
Premier League - Grundserie
1 - 2
15:00 18/2
Premier League - Grundserie
0 - 5
18:30 17/2
Premier League - Grundserie
1 - 1
16:00 17/2
Premier League - Grundserie
2 - 0
16:00 17/2
Premier League - Grundserie
0 - 5
16:00 17/2
Premier League - Grundserie
2 - 2
16:00 17/2
Premier League - Grundserie
1 - 2
Form table 5 latest games in Premier League
2Manchester City541010-3713
3Manchester United541013-7613
8Aston Villa52129-637
14Sheffield United51137-16-94
15Crystal Palace51136-15-94
19West Ham50233-14-112
Teams goal form in Premier League
LagGoals for/gameInsläppta mål/match
3Manchester City2.321.04
5Aston Villa2.081.32
10West Ham1.441.76
13Manchester United1.401.36
17Crystal Palace1.121.76
20Sheffield United0.882.60
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During last season, Manchester City managed to secure the 5th Premier League title in the club’s history. The third one in four seasons. They made it with three rounds to go, during a season that had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking at the odds for the upcoming season of 2021/22, chances are that Manchester City will be able to defend the title. In the winner odds from Unibet, City are top candidates for the title – even if they will be challenged by teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United.

Winner odds for Premier League 2021/22

How to follow Premier League

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Schedule and results

The schedule for one season of Premier League spans from August to May. If you want to follow the current season with the latest results – do so in the table above. There, you’ll find all upcoming games for every single team in the league.

Follow your team

In order to win Premier League, a team must be placed at the top of the list when all 38 rounds are finished. The competition is tough is one of the highest ranked leagues in the world, and it takes a lot from a team to become the winners.

Here at Oddsexpert, you’ll find the stats and results from all the teams, so that you can keep track of the team that you support.

About Premier League

Premier League is the top football league in England since 1992/93. It’s also considered to be one of the best leagues in the world – alongside La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A. Premier League came out of the English Football League, wich was the first football league in history. In 1992, the 22 teams in the current highest division decided to break out of the league, and that’s when Premier League came about. English Football League, EFL, does still exist in England’s lower football divisions.

Premier League is now separate from The Football League however – and can decide about TV-rights and sponsoring on its own. Premier League and EFL are however still connected in one way. Teams from the division under can get a place in Premier League and vice versa – depending on their results in their respective leagues.

European success for the english football clubs

The venture to create Premier League has resulted in great things. From being a league that had difficulties with keeping and finding young talents, Premier League is now one of the most star-packed football leagues.

Since clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United has grown to be very successful in Europe, the league has also gained in popularity. Premier League is now the world´s most popular football league – with more than half a billion people watching the games every year, from 202 different countries.

How Premier League is played

During every season of Premier League, a total of 20 teams are competing for the title. All teams will play each other twice – once at home and one time away. This means that 38 rounds are being played throughout one full season. Except for the league title, there are also qualification for Champions League and Europa League up for grabs for the top teams.

For the moment – The Championship, which is the league below Premier League, has three spots for Premier League qualification. Two of them means direct qualification, and the third one is secured through playoff between teams 3-6. This means that the three bottom teams in Premier League each year will be degraded down to The Championship.

The teams in Premier League does also participate in the english cups: the FA Cup, FA Community Shield and the EFL cup. There are, in other words, plenty of titles for the english teams to chase – even if the domestic cups doesn’t quite compare to a title from Premier- or Europa League.

Plenty of interesting derbys

One thing that makes Premier League a bit special is the fact that it has a lot of recurring derbys. We have the Manchester derby between City and United, there’s the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton, and the northen London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham. In London, there are derby’s especially often since Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Watford and Crystal Palace are all placed in that area.

The derby’s does often occur on Sunday’s, which has led to the expression “Super Sunday”.