Australia – Georgia 11/10, odds and results

Best game odds
1 1/50
X 50/1
2 20/1
Chance of winning
Odds for Australia – Georgia
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Game facts and information

How Australia -– Georgia was played

The match was played in Rugby World Cup between Australia and Georgia. The match started at 11:15 on 11 October.

Australia left as winners from the last match against Georgia

The match ended in a win for Australia with the final result of 27 – 8. Australia gets another 3 new points to the table after defeating Georgia. The losing team will on the other hand leave this round of Rugby World Cup empty handed.

Odds for Australia – Georgia

Before the match between Australia and Georgia in Rugby World Cup, Australia were favourites to win according to the odds. Australia was the favorite to win the match, and the 4 bookmakers in our odds comparison gave the average odds of 67/4.

Unibet offered the best odds for Georgia to win, at 20/1 times your wager. The average odds for underdogs Georgia to win gave the average odds of 1/50 at the 4 bookmakers we compared odds from.

A draw between Australia and Georgia gave the highest odds of 51.00 at Unibet. That Australia – Georgia would end in a draw before match gave an average odds od 71/2 at the 4 betting companies we compared.

Point record Australia

The home team Australia has in 4 home matches scored a total of 9 points. This gives Australia an average of 2,25 scored points per home match.

Australia has an away score in Rugby World Cup of 0 points in 1 matches. This far in the season, Australia has an average of 0,00 points scored per match on away grounds.

Australia has secured 9 points in Rugby World Cup, in the 5 matches played. Australia has a point average per match of 1,80.

Point record Georgia

Georgia has a score of 3 points in 2 home matches played in Rugby World Cup this season. This means that Australia scores an average of 1,50 points per home match.

Georgia has in their away matches this season scores 0 points in Rugby World Cup in 2 matches. Georgia does in other words score 0,00 points in average for each away match.

In 4 played matches, Georgia has scored 3 points in Rugby World Cup. Georgia therefore has an average of 0,75 scored points per match.

Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
12:15 11/10
11/10 12:15
Rugby World Cup
27 – 8
Teams stats in Rugby World Cup
Games played415
Games won303
Games drawn000
Games lost112
Goals for13616152
Goals for per game34,0016,0030,40
Goals against6840108
Goals against per game17,0040,0021,60
Goals against and for per game51,0056,0052,00
Games played224
Games won101
Games drawn000
Games lost123
Goals for432265
Goals for per game21,5011,0016,25
Goals against5270122
Goals against per game26,0035,0030,50
Goals against and for per game47,5046,0046,75

Point statistics for Australia – Georgia

Winning the match means that Australia now has won 3, played 0 draws and lost 2 of ther 5 latest matches. Georgia have won 1, tied in 0 and lost 3 of their 5 latest matches after losing this match to Australia.

9 secured points out of the 15 possible is the record for Australia over the 5 last matches. Georgia aren’t given any new points for this match, which means that their points over the 5 last rounds stays at 3.

Statistics for Australia – Georgia

In home matches this season, Australia has scored 136 goals in Rugby World Cup, meaning that Australia has an average of 34,00 per match. In the 4 matches played on home ground during this season, Australia has conceded 68 goals in total, which means an average of 17,00 goals per match.

In total, Australia has produced 152 goals in Rugby World Cup during the season. In the 5 matches the team has played, Australia has an average of 30,40 goals scored per game. During this season, Australia has conceded a total of 108 goals in the 5 matches in the league. In average, Australia has conceded a total of 21,60 goals per match.

In away matches this season, Georgia has scored 22 goals in 2 matches. Georgia has conceded a total of 70 goals in away matches during this season of Rugby World Cup. In the 2 away matches that Georgia has played, there has been an average of 35,00 conceded goals per match.

Georgia have in this season of Rugby World Cup scored a total of 65 goals. In the 4 matches that Georgia have played this season, an average of 16,25 goals has been scored per match.  During this season of the league, Georgia, has in the 4 matches played conceded an average of 30,50 goals per match.