Panthers – Buccaneers 7/1, odds and results

0 - 907-01-2024 18:00NFL Round 18
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Carolina Panthers faced Tampa Bay Buccaneers on 07-01-2024

Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against each other in NFL with kick-off at 18:00 den7 januari.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers came out with a win against Carolina Panthers

The match between Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended in a victory for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. with a final result of 9 - 0. The win against Carolina Panthers means new points for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL table. Carolina Panthers walks away from this round without any new points.

Odds for Carolina Panthers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The odds before the match in NFL between Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers favoured to win. The betting company gave the highest odds, of 0/0 times your wager if were to win. Average odds for favourite , at the betting companies was .

offered the best odds for to win, at 0/0 times your wager. The bookmakers in our odds comparison gave the average odds for winning the match.

The best odds for a tie between Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers was available at - at . Among the betting companies we compared odds from, a draw gave the average odds of .

Point record Carolina Panthers

During this season of NFL, Carolina Panthers has scored a total of 0 points in the 8 matches played at home. This gives Carolina Panthers an average of 0 scored points per home match.

0 points is the record for Carolina Panthers in the 9 home games played in in %event%. This means that Carolina Panthers has an average score in away matches of 0,00 points per match.

In 17 played matches, Carolina Panthers has scored 0 points in NFL.  This means that Carolina Panthers has an average of 0,00 points per match.

Point record Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers has during this season of NFL secured 0 points in the 9 matches played at home. Over 9 matches played on home ground in this season of NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers has scored an average of 0 points per match.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers has in their away matches this season scores 15 points in NFL in 10 matches. So the team has an away record of 1,50 points per match.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL have scored 15 points in a total of 19 matches. Tampa Bay Buccaneers therefore has an average of 1,50 scored points per match.

American Football Conference
AFC East
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Buffalo Bills 970277,8256-143840450,0195-16817110664,7451-311
2Miami Dolphins 970277,8287-156840450,0209-23517110664,7496-391
3New York Jets 940544,4159-176830537,5109-17917701041,2268-355
4New England Patriots 910811,1109-188830537,5127-17817401323,5236-366
AFC North
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Baltimore Ravens 960366,7287-160870187,5196-12017130476,5483-280
2Cleveland Browns 980188,9201-125830537,5195-23717110664,7396-362
3Pittsburgh Steelers 950455,6165-173850362,5139-15117100758,8304-324
4Cincinnati Bengals 960366,7213-172830537,5153-2121790852,9366-384
AFC South
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Houston Texans 960366,7221-183840450,0156-17017100758,8377-353
2Indianapolis Colts 940544,4231-229850362,5165-1861790852,9396-415
3Jacksonville Jaguars 940544,4187-186850362,5190-1851790852,9377-371
4Tennessee Titans 950455,6204-174810712,5101-19317601135,3305-367
AFC West
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Kansas City Chiefs 950455,6205-148860275,0166-14617110664,7371-294
2Denver Broncos 950455,6202-176830537,5155-2371780947,1357-413
3Oakland Raiders 960366,7209-140820625,0123-1911780947,1332-331
4Los Angeles Chargers 920722,2194-208830537,5152-19017501229,4346-398
American Football Conference
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Baltimore Ravens 960366,7287-160870187,5196-12017130476,5483-280
2Buffalo Bills 970277,8256-143840450,0195-16817110664,7451-311
3Miami Dolphins 970277,8287-156840450,0209-23517110664,7496-391
4Cleveland Browns 980188,9201-125830537,5195-23717110664,7396-362
5Kansas City Chiefs 950455,6205-148860275,0166-14617110664,7371-294
6Pittsburgh Steelers 950455,6165-173850362,5139-15117100758,8304-324
7Houston Texans 960366,7221-183840450,0156-17017100758,8377-353
8Cincinnati Bengals 960366,7213-172830537,5153-2121790852,9366-384
9Indianapolis Colts 940544,4231-229850362,5165-1861790852,9396-415
10Jacksonville Jaguars 940544,4187-186850362,5190-1851790852,9377-371
11Denver Broncos 950455,6202-176830537,5155-2371780947,1357-413
12Oakland Raiders 960366,7209-140820625,0123-1911780947,1332-331
13New York Jets 940544,4159-176830537,5109-17917701041,2268-355
14Tennessee Titans 950455,6204-174810712,5101-19317601135,3305-367
15Los Angeles Chargers 920722,2194-208830537,5152-19017501229,4346-398
16New England Patriots 910811,1109-188830537,5127-17817401323,5236-366
National Football Conference
NFC East
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Dallas Cowboys 8800100,0299-127940544,4210-18817120570,6509-315
2Philadelphia Eagles 860275,0247-235950455,6186-19317110664,7433-428
3New York Giants 840450,0113-149920722,2153-25817601135,3266-407
4Washington Redskins 810712,5128-272930633,3201-24617401323,5329-518
NFC North
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Detroit Lions 860275,0244-173960366,7217-22217120570,6461-395
2Green Bay Packers 850362,5155-160940544,4228-1901790852,9383-350
3Chicago Bears 850362,5199-159920722,2161-22017701041,2360-379
4Minnesota Vikings 820625,0154-186950455,6190-17617701041,2344-362
NFC South
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1New Orleans Saints 850362,5201-151940544,4201-1761790852,9402-327
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers 840450,0141-137950455,6207-1881790852,9348-325
3Atlanta Falcons 850362,5192-162920722,2129-21117701041,2321-373
4Carolina Panthers 820625,0107-16390090,0129-25317201511,8236-416
NFC West
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1San Francisco 49ers 850362,5218-153970277,8273-14517120570,6491-298
2Los Angeles Rams 850362,5191-163950455,6213-21417100758,8404-377
3Seattle Seahawks 850362,5179-191940544,4185-2111790852,9364-402
4Arizona Cardinals 820625,0188-238920722,2142-21717401323,5330-455
National Football Conference
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Dallas Cowboys 8800100,0299-127940544,4210-18817120570,6509-315
2Detroit Lions 860275,0244-173960366,7217-22217120570,6461-395
3San Francisco 49ers 850362,5218-153970277,8273-14517120570,6491-298
4Philadelphia Eagles 860275,0247-235950455,6186-19317110664,7433-428
5Los Angeles Rams 850362,5191-163950455,6213-21417100758,8404-377
6Green Bay Packers 850362,5155-160940544,4228-1901790852,9383-350
7New Orleans Saints 850362,5201-151940544,4201-1761790852,9402-327
8Tampa Bay Buccaneers 840450,0141-137950455,6207-1881790852,9348-325
9Seattle Seahawks 850362,5179-191940544,4185-2111790852,9364-402
10Chicago Bears 850362,5199-159920722,2161-22017701041,2360-379
11Minnesota Vikings 820625,0154-186950455,6190-17617701041,2344-362
12Atlanta Falcons 850362,5192-162920722,2129-21117701041,2321-373
13New York Giants 840450,0113-149920722,2153-25817601135,3266-407
14Washington Redskins 810712,5128-272930633,3201-24617401323,5329-518
15Arizona Cardinals 820625,0188-238920722,2142-21717401323,5330-455
16Carolina Panthers 820625,0107-16390090,0129-25317201511,8236-416
NFL 2023/24 - Grundserie
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLV (%)PG-MP
1Baltimore Ravens 960366,7287-160870187,5196-12017130476,5483-280
2Dallas Cowboys 8800100,0299-127940544,4210-18817120570,6509-315
3San Francisco 49ers 850362,5218-153970277,8273-14517120570,6491-298
4Detroit Lions 860275,0244-173960366,7217-22217120570,6461-395
5Buffalo Bills 970277,8256-143840450,0195-16817110664,7451-311
6Miami Dolphins 970277,8287-156840450,0209-23517110664,7496-391
7Kansas City Chiefs 950455,6205-148860275,0166-14617110664,7371-294
8Cleveland Browns 980188,9201-125830537,5195-23717110664,7396-362
9Philadelphia Eagles 860275,0247-235950455,6186-19317110664,7433-428
10Los Angeles Rams 850362,5191-163950455,6213-21417100758,8404-377
11Houston Texans 960366,7221-183840450,0156-17017100758,8377-353
12Pittsburgh Steelers 950455,6165-173850362,5139-15117100758,8304-324
13New Orleans Saints 850362,5201-151940544,4201-1761790852,9402-327
14Green Bay Packers 850362,5155-160940544,4228-1901790852,9383-350
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers 840450,0141-137950455,6207-1881790852,9348-325
16Jacksonville Jaguars 940544,4187-186850362,5190-1851790852,9377-371
17Cincinnati Bengals 960366,7213-172830537,5153-2121790852,9366-384
18Indianapolis Colts 940544,4231-229850362,5165-1861790852,9396-415
19Seattle Seahawks 850362,5179-191940544,4185-2111790852,9364-402
20Oakland Raiders 960366,7209-140820625,0123-1911780947,1332-331
21Denver Broncos 950455,6202-176830537,5155-2371780947,1357-413
22Minnesota Vikings 820625,0154-186950455,6190-17617701041,2344-362
23Chicago Bears 850362,5199-159920722,2161-22017701041,2360-379
24Atlanta Falcons 850362,5192-162920722,2129-21117701041,2321-373
25New York Jets 940544,4159-176830537,5109-17917701041,2268-355
26Tennessee Titans 950455,6204-174810712,5101-19317601135,3305-367
27New York Giants 840450,0113-149920722,2153-25817601135,3266-407
28Los Angeles Chargers 920722,2194-208830537,5152-19017501229,4346-398
29Arizona Cardinals 820625,0188-238920722,2142-21717401323,5330-455
30New England Patriots 910811,1109-188830537,5127-17817401323,5236-366
31Washington Redskins 810712,5128-272930633,3201-24617401323,5329-518
32Carolina Panthers 820625,0107-16390090,0129-25317201511,8236-416
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
19:00 7/1
NFL - Grundserie
0 - 9
3/12 2023
NFL - Grundserie
21 - 18
1/1 2023
NFL - Grundserie
30 - 24
23/10 2022
NFL - Grundserie
21 - 3
9/1 2022
NFL - Grundserie
41 - 17
26/12 2021
NFL - Grundserie
6 - 32
15/11 2020
NFL - Grundserie
23 - 46
20/9 2020
NFL - Grundserie
31 - 17
13/10 2019
NFL - Grundserie
26 - 37
13/9 2019
NFL - Grundserie
14 - 20
Teams stats in NFL
Carolina PanthersHomeAwayTotal
Games played8917
Games won202
Games drawn000
Games lost6915
Gjorda poäng107129236
Gjorda poäng per match13,3814,3326,22
Insläppta poäng163253416
Insläppta poäng per match20,3828,1146,22
Insläppta och gjorda poäng per match33,7542,4438,35
Tampa Bay BuccaneersHomeAwayTotal
Games played91019
Games won5510
Games drawn000
Games lost459
Gjorda poäng173230403
Gjorda poäng per match19,2223,0040,30
Insläppta poäng146219365
Insläppta poäng per match16,2221,9036,50
Insläppta och gjorda poäng per match35,4444,9040,42

Point statistics for Carolina Panthers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The winners are awarded new points, which means that Tampa Bay Buccaneers now has secured 9 points of possible in the 5 last matches. Carolina Panthers leaves the match empty handed and has secured 0 points in their last 5 rounds.

The win for Tampa Bay Buccaneers means new points, and they have secured 9 of the possible during the last five rounds. Fot Carolina Panthers on the other hand, the loss means zero points and they have a record of 0 points in total over the last 5 rounds.

Statistics for Carolina Panthers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In home matches this season, Carolina Panthers has scored 107 goals in NFL, meaning that Carolina Panthers has an average of 13,38 per match. In NFL, Carolina Panthers has conceaded 163 goals on home ground this season.

In the 17 matches Carolina Panthers has played in NFL this season, the team has scored a total of 236 points, with an average of 26,22 points per match. During this season, Carolina Panthers has conceded a total of 416 points in the 17 matches in the league. In average, Carolina Panthers has conceded a total of 46,22 points per match.

Looking to the amount of scored points in away matches, Tampa Bay Buccaneers has scored a total of 230 points in the 10 away matches they've played this season of NFL. Tampa Bay Buccaneers does on the other hand have a record of 219 conceded points during this season of NFL.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have in this season of NFL scored a total of 403 points. In the 19 matches that Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played this season, an average of 40,30 points has been scored per match. During the past season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers has conceded a total of 365 goals. This means that Tampa Bay Buccaneers has conceded an average of 36,50 goals in the 19 matches that has been played in NFL.