Chelsea – Lille 22/2, odds and results

Stamford Bridge 2 - 022-02-2022 20:00Champions League Round of 16 Stad: London Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 41631
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Chelsea - Lille kick-off 22 februari

On 22-02-2022 the match between Chelsea - Lille in Champions League was played, with kick-off at 20:00.

Chelsea left as winners from the last match against Lille

The match between Chelsea and Lille eventually ended with a 2 - 0 win for Chelsea. Chelsea came out as winners, wich means new points for the table. The loss for Lille means no new points in this round of Champions League. Chelsea takes place number 2 in the table for Champions League with 3 points after the match, and Lille are with their 1 points in place 2.

Odds for Chelsea - Lille

Ahead of the game between The Blues and Lille in Champions League, were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. Favorite to win, , was available for betting to the average odds of at the bookmakers in our odds comparison.

was the betting compainie's undergog in the match against . The best odds for a win could be found at , 0/0. In average, you could place a bet on to win to the odds of at the betting companies in our odds comparison.

gave the best odds for a draw between The Blues and Lille, times your wager. In average, the bookmakers we compared gave an odds of for a draw between Chelsea - Lille.

Point record Chelsea

The Blues home score this far in Champions League is 0 points in 5 matches. In home matches, The Blues has an average of 0 points per match.

The Blues has on away grounds during this Champions League season scored 10 points in 5 matches. As guests, Chelsea has an average of 2,00 points scored per match at this point of the season.

In Champions League, Chelsea has scored 10 points in the 10 matches played so far. The Blues has an average score of 2,00 points per match.

Point record Lille

The score for Lille in home matches this season is 0 scored points in 4 matches played at home. Lille has a score of 0 points per home match in average.

In away matches, Lille has scored 6 in Champions League in the 4 played away matches. So the team has an away record of 1,50 points per match.

In the total of 8 matches Lille has played this season, they have scored 6 points. Lille has an average of 1,50 points per match.

Champions League 2021/22
Group A5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Manchester City 330012-5931026-53640218-1012
2PSG 33009-3930214-52632113-811
3RB Leipzig 31115-54310210-93621315-147
4Club Brugge 30122-11131024-9361146-204
Champions League 2021/22
Group B5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Liverpool 33007-29330010-49660017-618
2Atlético Madrid 30122-4132015-4662137-87
3Porto 31023-8330211-3261234-115
4Milan 30123-5131023-4361146-94
Champions League 2021/22
Group C5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Ajax 330010-29330010-39660020-518
2Sporting Lissabon 32018-6631026-63630314-129
3Borussia Dortmund 32017-3631023-83630310-119
4Besiktas 30033-8030030-11060063-190
Champions League 2021/22
Group D5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Real Madrid 32015-3633009-09650114-315
2Inter 32015-2631113-3463128-510
3Sheriff Tiraspol 31023-6331114-5462137-117
4Shakhtar Donetsk 30211-6230031-6060242-122
Champions League 2021/22
Group E5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Bayern Munich 330013-2933009-19660022-318
2Benfica 32015-4630212-5262227-98
3Barcelona 31111-3431021-6362132-97
4Dynamo Kiev 30121-3130030-8060151-111
Champions League 2021/22
Group F5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Manchester United 32106-4731115-44632111-811
2Villarreal 31114-4432018-56631212-910
3Atalanta 31115-5430217-82613212-136
4Young Boys 31116-8430121-4161237-125
Champions League 2021/22
Group G5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Lille 31201-0532016-4663217-411
2Red Bull Salzburg 33006-2930122-4163128-610
3Sevilla 31114-3430211-2261325-56
4Wolfsburg 31114-5430121-5161235-105
Champions League 2021/22
Group H5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Juventus 33006-2932014-46650110-615
2Chelsea 33009-0931114-44641113-413
3Zenit 31117-4430123-61612310-105
4Malmö FF 30121-5130030-9060151-141
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
16/3 2022
Champions League - Åttondelsfinaler
1 - 2
22/2 2022
Champions League - Åttondelsfinaler
2 - 0
10/12 2019
Champions League - Grupp H
2 - 1
2/10 2019
Champions League - Grupp H
1 - 2
Teams stats in Champions League
Games played5510
Games won437
Games drawn011
Games lost112
Goals for12921
Goals for per game2,401,804,20
Goals against3710
Goals against per game0,601,402,00
Goals against and for per game3,003,203,10
Games played448
Games won123
Games drawn202
Games lost123
Goals for268
Goals for per game0,501,502,00
Goals against268
Goals against per game0,501,502,00
Goals against and for per game1,003,002,00

Point statistics for Chelsea - Lille

Chelsea has now won 3, ties 1 and lost 1 of their 5 latest vinsten. The loss for Lille means that in the 5 last matches they have collected 2, wins, 0 draws, and 2 losses.

The win means new points for Chelsea, who has secured 10 points out of possible in the 5 last rounds. A point loss for Lille means a record of 6 points in their 5 latest matches.

Goal stats for Chelsea and Lille

Chelsea has scored a total of 12 goals on home ground during this season of Champions League, an average of 2,40 goals per match. Chelsea has conceded a total of 3 goals on home ground during this season of Champions League. In the 5 matches played on home ground Chelsea has an average of 0,60 conceded goals per match.

In the 10 matches Chelsea has played in Champions League this season, the team has scored a total of 21 goals, which means an average of 4,20 goals scored per match. During this season, The Blues has conceded a total of 10 goals in the 10 matches in the league. In average, The Blues has conceded a total of 2,00 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Lille has scored a total of 6 goals in the 4 away matches they've played this season of Champions League. In away matches, Lille has conceded an average of 1,50 goals in the 4 away games that has been played.

Lille has scored an average of 2,00 goals per match in Champions League in the 8 matches played during the season. Looking at the number of goals this season - Lille have conceded an average of 2,00 goals per match in the league, in the 8 matches that has been played.