Russia – Scotland 10/10, odds and results

Best game odds
1 34/25
X 21/10
2 161/100
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Game facts and information

Kick-off 10-10-2019 19:45

The match between Russia – Scotland will be played on the 10 October in UEFA Euro Qualifiers, starting at 19:45. Russia are the favorites to win according to the odds from the betting sites. At the moment, you’ll find the most adventageous odds at Bet-at-home, 34/25. If you believe that Scotland will win the game, even though the betting companies favours Russia, Bet-at-home will give you the best odds of 161/100.

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Results mutual meetings
Teams stats in UEFA Euro Qualifiers

Statistics for Russia – Scotland

Russia has an average of 5,00 goals scored per match at home in UEFA Euro Qualifiers. In the 2 matches played on home ground during this season, Russia has conceded 0 goals in total, which means an average of 0,00 goals per match.

Russia has scored an average of 3,75 goals per match in the 4 matches played in UEFA Euro Qualifiers this season. During this past season, Russia has conceded a total of 3 goals in the 4 matches in the league. In average, Russia has conceded a total of 0,75 goals per match.

In away matches this season, Scotland has scored 2 goals in 3 matches. The away team, Scotland, has an average of 2,00 conceded goals per match in UEFA Euro Qualifiers.

Scotland has scored an average of 1,00 goals per match in UEFA Euro Qualifiers in the 4 matches played during the season. Looking at the number of goals this season – Scotland have conceded an average of 1,75 goals per match in the league, in the 4 matches that has been played.