£50,000 Champions League Predictor!

£50,000 Unibet Champions League Predictor!

Finals week is here, and so is the £50,000 Champions League Predictor at Unibet! Predict the scorer and exact minute of the first goal in the Tottenham – Liverpool game in order to have the chance of winning £50,000!

The Unibet 4 Predictor has been a recurring promotion during this season of Champions League, and who is to say no to a £50,000 prize pool? All you need to to in order to get your hands on the grand prize is to correctly guess the first goalscorer and match minute in this week’s final between Tottenham – Liverpool!

Head over to Unibet in order to place your bet. The prize pool will be shared between the players that get both goalscorer and match minute right. If just one player has the right guess – that player will take it all home! It’s free for all Unibet players to enter the competition.

Make your prediction for Liverpool vs Barcelona at Unibet
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