Betfair – bonus, stream and odds

  • £100 free bet bonus
  • Minimum odds 3/5
  • Read more about Betfair
  • High withdrawal limits
  • 24h withdrawal timeframe
  • Bet against other players in the exchange

Betfair is an online bookmaker that let their players decide the odds – something that separates them from other bookies on the market. When the players gets to decide the odds, they do tend to be higher than the ones found at the traditional bookmakers. For that reason, Betfair is an interesting option for anyone looking for new betting challenges.

Betfair is in other words an odds exchanging market rather than a traditional bookmaker. That simply means that the odds are set by the players, and not the betting company. So at Betfair – you won’t bet against the betting company, but the other players. If you bet on one team in a certain game, you will be playing against another player that bets on the other team. Most of the times, this will result in odds up to 20% higher than what you’ll find at their competitors. Betfair does however take a 5% provision from all winnings.

Betfair bonus

The Betfair bonus you get when you sign up is not something you want to miss out on! They offer their new customers up to £100 in free bets, so that you’ll get more value for your money. In order to take part of the offer, you will simply have to register for an account and place a minimum of five £10 bets. For each settled bet you’ll get a £20 free bet. So if you use it to a maximum, you’ll get a total of £100 in free bets!

Odds and betting markets

The odds range at Betfair is wide, and you can bet on practically anything. They also offer betting on a bunch of different markets. These includes markets such as the end result or who will score the next goal.
One of the unique aspects of Betfair is the fact that you have the opportunity to ask for better odds than the ones that are offered. You do that by raising the starting Betfais odds, and then wait for someone to match your new odds. Your bet will be approved when someone decides to bet against you.

With this, Betfair takes betting to a whole new level. The fact that the players can set the odds, and that they are playing against each other, isn’t something you’ll find anywhere. The odds at Betfair also separates from other betting sites since you can bet on whether a certain event in the match will occur or not.

Betfair - best sports odds, bonuses and campaigns!

Offers and campaigns

Betfair does offer different campaigns for their players to take part of, although not as often as most other betting sites does. But the ones that are offered will often give you quite high Betfair bonuses, free bets or extra wins.

So if you’re a player that enjoys taking part of campaigns on a regular basis, Betfair is probably not for you. The site is more focused on the Betfair odds and betting itself. You are however compensated for the shortage of Betfair campaigns by the fact that you can set your own Betfair odds for the matches – and get extra wins that way.

Betfair live stream

Betfair has really gone out of their way to provide the best live streaming possible to their players. You’ll find live streams from plenty of classic British sports – such as football, tennis and cricket. The sports that they choose to promote, like greyhound racing for example, makes it obvious that it ia a British bookie you’re dealing with – but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

If your interested in any of the sports that Betfair offer odds for – you’re most likely to find something you enjoy to watch!

Betfair live betting

As we’ve mentioned – Betfair does offer a quite unique way of betting where the players can set the odds. The same concept goes for their live odds, you can set your own odds and wait for someone to bet against you. Since they also offer live streaming, you can watch the game you’ve bet.

Their range of live Betfair odds mostly consists of different football events. The big European leagues such as Premier League and La Liga are of course included. Betfair live betting also comes with a Cash Out function, that gives you the chance to close your bet before the match is over. That way, you can guarantee a profit by accepting a offer made by the betting site.

Bet from your phone

Betfair works just as good on your phone as it does on desktop. You can place your bets, cash out, and withdraw money just as you would if you were playing on your computer. By choosing card as payment method, you can get your payout extra quickly.

When playing on your phone, you’ll also get access to a function called Price Rush. It gives you the chance to get boosted Betfair odds even after you have placed your bet.

There are two different ways for you to enter Betfair from your phone. Either through their app or just as you would when using your computer. If you enter the site through your browser in your phone, you’ll automatically be redirected to a mobile version of it. In the app you’ll find a few different functions that aren’t available in your phone on the regular website – so we do recommend that you download the Betfair app if you want to bet from your phone.

Bet from anywhere with betfair mobile


Deposits and withdrawals

Betfair offer a range of deposit- and withdrawal options to their players. Depending on which country you’re in while playing, the methods does vary a bit. The most common methods are however available everywhere. These includes deposits and withdrawals through credit cards, bank transfers, Moneybookers, Neteller and PayPal.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that you can only use a certain method to make a withdrawal if you’ve used it to make a deposit before. Most bookmakers online uses this as a security feature – so that’s nothing to worry about.

Betfair offer good service when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, so you can feel secure when transferring money. How long it takes for your money transfer to go through depends on which method you’re using – but you’ll usually have the money on your account within 5 bank days.


Betfair offer their customers a quick and helpful support on their site. First of all, you’ll find an extensive FAQ-section, where all of the common questions are answered. The questions are all sorted into different categories, so finding what you’re looking for is easy. If there is something you’re wondering about, you’ll probably be able to find the answer you need.

If you don’t, there are other ways to get help as well. You can choose to contact the support team either by live chat or by phone. Both ways will provide you with answers within a few minutes. The typical time to answer is 30 seconds for both the chat and phone. You’ll also find answers to the most recentlu asked questions, so maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for there!

All in all – Betfair is a very well-organized and helpful site to their players. Help is available at all times, and it usually won’t take more than a few minutes to find what you’re looking for!