Ajax and Barcelona take hold of the Champions League semi-finals!

This season of Champions League is slowly coming to an end, with just two more matches left before the final! Barcelona and Ajax claimed pole position in their semi-finals against Liverpool and Tottenham – and next week’s matches will decide which teams will face each other in the final on June 1st! 

The first semi-final of the week was played between Tottenham and Ajax, two teams that made it through the quarter finals in quite spectacular ways. Ajax knocked Juventus out of the competition at Juventus stadium, and Tottenham made it through despite losing against Man City in the second match – which was one of the most dramatic matches of all season!

In the semi-final however, Ajax made sure to put themselves in the front seat as they defeated Tottenham on away ground. Van de Beek scored the only goal in the 15th minute, and has put Ajax in a good position for the the crucial home match next week.

Barcelona welcomed Liverpool in the second semi-final, and won with a comfortable number of 3-0. This was despite the fact that the statistics were awfully even between the teams, and Liverpool even had the highest possession of 43%. They also had the most shots, with 15 compared to Barcelona’s 12, but they didn’t manage their opportunities and had to leave the match empty handed.

Next week’s two matches will settle which two teams will face each other in the final – and it’s still an open race. Bethard’s odds for which teams will move on to the final holds Barcelona and Ajax as favourites, with the odds for those two facing each other in the final being at 2/5. The highest odds are available are for an all-English final, with Liverpool facing Tottenham to the odds of 40/1.  This is how the odds for next week’s matches are looking at Bethard:

Liverpool vs Barcelona 
7/5 2019 – 20:00
1 –
20/21   x – 59/20  2 – 51/20

Ajax vs Tottenham 
8/5 2019 – 20:00
1 –
6/5   x – 53/20   2 – 11/5

(Odds from Bethard 2/5 2019)

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