Amiens – Marseille 4/10, odds and results

Stade Crédit Agricole de la Licorne 3 - 104-10-2019 19:45Ligue 1 Round 9 Stad: Amiens Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 12999
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How Amiens - Marseille played out in Ligue 1

Amiens and Marseille faced each other on 04-10-2019 with kick-off at 19:45 in Ligue 1.

Amiens came out with a win against Marseille

The match between Amiens and Marseille ended in a victory for Amiens. with a final result of 3 - 1. Amiens came out as winners, wich means new points for the table. The loss for Marseille means no new points in this round of Ligue 1.

The best odds for Amiens - Marseille

Ahead of the game between Amiens and Marseille in Ligue 1, were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. The betting companies gave the average odds of on to win the match.

were underdogs against , and the highest odds for a win was found at , to 0/0 times your wager. The bookmakers in our odds comparison gave the average odds for winning the match.

At you could find the best odds for a draw between Amiens - Marseille, which gave times the wager. That Amiens and Marseille would play a draw did before the game give the avrage odds of at the betting companies in our odds comparison.

Point record Amiens

In 14 home matches, Amiens has now scored 0 points. In the 14 home matches played, Amiens now has an average of 0 points per match.

In 14 played away matches, Amiens has scored 9 points in Ligue 1. This gives Amiens an away average of 0,64 points per match.

In the total 28 matches that Amiens has played during this season of Ligue 1, the team has scored 9 points. For each match, Amiens has an average of 0,64 points.

Point record Marseille

Marseille has scored 0 points in home matches this far, in the 14 matches played. Marseille has a score of 0 points per home match in average.

Marseille has in their away matches this season scores 28 points in Ligue 1 in 14 matches. This means that Amiens has an average of 2,00 points per match on away grounds.

Marseille has scored 28 points in Ligue 1 so far this season, in 28 played matches. Marseille has a season average of 2,00 points per match.

Ligue 1 2019/20
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1PSG 14121144-113713101231-133127222375-2468
2Marseille 1484221-14281484220-152828168441-2956
3Rennes 1492325-14291463513-102128155838-2450
4Lille 15112224-9351342711-181428154935-2749
5Reims 1457212-7221454514-1419281011726-2141
6Nice 1584328-20281334613-181328118941-3841
7Lyon 1354417-7191563625-2021281171042-2740
8Montpellier 14102226-1032141589-248281171035-3440
9Monaco 1482429-22261435615-2214281171044-4440
10Angers 1583420-1327133378-2012281161128-3339
11Strasbourg 1373322-14241442810-1814271151132-3238
12Bordeaux 1345419-12171555521-222028910940-3437
13Nantes 1462611-11201452717-2017281141328-3137
14Brest 1466221-11241424813-2610288101034-3734
15Metz 1454518-1719143659-1815288101027-3534
16Dijon 1466220-15241413107-22628791227-3730
17Saint Etienne 1446415-181814401014-271228861429-4530
18Nimes 1462617-15201414912-29728761529-4427
19Amiens 1435617-23141416714-279284111331-5023
20Toulouse 13301011-24915041111-34428342122-5813
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
6/3 2020
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
2 - 2
4/10 2019
Ligue 1 - Grundserie
3 - 1
16/2 2019
Ligue 1 - 2018/19 (Frankrike)
2 - 0
25/11 2018
Ligue 1 - 2018/19 (Frankrike)
1 - 3
19/5 2018
Ligue 1 - 2017/18
2 - 1
17/9 2017
Ligue 1 - 2017/18
0 - 2
Teams stats in Ligue 1
Games played141428
Games won314
Games drawn5611
Games lost6713
Goals for171431
Goals for per game1,211,002,21
Goals against232750
Goals against per game1,641,933,57
Goals against and for per game2,862,932,89
Games played141428
Games won8816
Games drawn448
Games lost224
Goals for212041
Goals for per game1,501,432,93
Goals against141529
Goals against per game1,001,072,07
Goals against and for per game2,502,502,50

Point statistics for Amiens - Marseille

0 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws is the result of the last 5 matches for Amiens after winning against Marseille. For Marseille, the loss means a total of 4 wins, 0 losses and 1 draws over the last 5 rounds of Ligue 1.

A new win to their name means that Amiens now has secured 3 points out of possible in their last 5 matches. No new points are given Marseille after the loss, which means a total point count of 13 points out of the possible over the 5 latest rounds.

Goal stats for Amiens and Marseille

Amiens has an average of 1,21 goals scored per match at home in Ligue 1. In the 14 matches played on home ground during this season, Amiens has conceded 23 goals in total, which means an average of 1,64 goals per match.

In the 28 matches Amiens has played in Ligue 1 this season, the team has scored a total of 31 goals, which means an average of 2,21 goals scored per match. During this season, Amiens has conceded a total of 50 goals in the 28 matches in the league. In average, Amiens has conceded a total of 3,57 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Marseille has scored a total of 20 goals in the 14 away matches they've played this season of Ligue 1. Marseille has in the 14 away matches played during this season of Ligue 1 conceded a total of 15 goals, and has an average of 1,07 conceded goals per match.

Marseille have in this season of Ligue 1 scored a total of 41 goals. In the 28 matches that Marseille have played this season, an average of 2,93 goals has been scored per match. During the past season, Marseille has conceded a total of 29 goals. This means that Marseille has conceded an average of 2,07 goals in the 28 matches that has been played in Ligue 1.