Caen – PSG

02-03-2019 19:00 Ligue 1
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Kick-off 02-03-2019 19:00

In Ligue 1, Caen will face PSG at 19:00 on lördag the 2 mars.

PSG beat Caen with the result of 3-0 the last time the teams met

 In Ligue 1, Caen and PSG faced each other earlier in the season – in a match on 12/8. That time, PSG won with a score of 3 – 0.

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Teams stats in Ligue 1

Calculating the total amounts of goals scored per match on home ground this season of Ligue 1, Caen has scored an average of 1,00 per match in the 8 matches the team has played on home ground. In Ligue 1, Caen has conceaded 10 goals on home ground this season.

In away matches this season, PSG has scored 22 goals in 8 matches.  PSG has conceded a total of 7 goals in away matches during this season of Ligue 1. In the 8 away matches that PSG has played, there has been an average of 0,88 conceded goals per match.

In total, Caen has produced 15 goals in Ligue 1 during the season. In the 17 matches the team has played, Caen has an average of 0,88 goals scored per game. During the past season, Caen conceded a total of 22 goals in the 17 matches played in the league. In average, Caen has conceded a total of 1,29 goals per match.

PSG has produced an average of 3,06 goals per match in the 16 played in Ligue 1. During this season of the league, PSG, has in the 16 matches played conceded an average of 0,63 goals per match.