Cardiff – Fulham 26/2, odds and results

Cardiff City Stadium 0 - 126-02-2022 15:00EFL Championship Round 35 Stad: Caerdydd Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 33280
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Cardiff City and Fulham faced each other in EFL Championship on 26/2, starting at 15:00.

Fulham won the match against Cardiff City

It was however Fulham that won the match, with the final result of 1 - 0. The win means that Fulham gets new points. Cardiff City lost, and will leave this round of EFL Championshipemty handed.  After the points for the match have been handed out we can find Cardiff City on place 10 with 11 points in the table, and Fulham on place 1 with a total of 11 points.

1X2 odds for Cardiff City - Fulham

The odds before the match in EFL Championship between The Bluebirds and Fulham favoured to win. The betting company gave the highest odds, of 0/0 times your wager if were to win. In average, the betting companies in our odds comparison gave the odds for a win.

was the betting compainie's undergog in the match against . The best odds for a win could be found at , 0/0. The bookmaker's didn't think could win, and the betting companies in the comparison offered an average odds of for them to win.

A bet on draw between The Bluebirds and Fulham gave at most the odds of , which cas offered at . Among the betting companies we compared odds from, a draw gave the average odds of .

Point record Cardiff City

During this season of EFL Championship, The Bluebirds has scored a total of 0 points in the 23 matches played at home. In home matches, Cardiff City has an average of 0 points per match.

In 23 played away matches, The Bluebirds has scored 28 points in EFL Championship. In EFL Championship, Cardiff City does in other words have an average of 1,22 scored points per away match.

In EFL Championship this season, Cardiff City has scored 28 points in the 46 matches played so far. In each match, the team has scored an average of 1,22.

Point record Fulham

Fulham has scored 0 points in home matches this far, in the 23 matches played. With that, the team has an average of 0 points per home game.

In 23 away matches, Fulham has scored a total of 44 points in EFL Championship In away matches, Fulham has scored an average of 1,91 points per match this season.

In the 46 matches Fulham has played in EFL Championship this season, they have scored a total of 44 points. This means that Fulham has an average of 1,91 points per match this season.

EFL Championship 2021/22
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Fulham 23144556-204623135550-23444627910106-4390
2Bournemouth 23137341-214623126533-1842462513874-3988
3Huddersfield 23136435-234523107629-24374623131064-4782
4Nottingham 23134643-224323107630-18374623111273-4080
5Sheffield United 23135538-15442387825-30314621121363-4575
6Luton 23127437-22432395926-33324621121363-5575
7Middlesbrough 23142734-21442368925-29264620101659-5070
8Blackburn 23125636-26412377923-24284619121559-5069
9Millwall 23136432-16452359921-29244618151353-4569
10West Bromwich 23128333-164423651219-29234618131552-4567
11Queens Park Rangers 23106730-253623931130-3430461991860-5966
12Coventry 23105832-26352378828-33294617131660-5964
13Preston 23910433-283723761019-28274616161452-5664
14Stoke 23105830-233523761027-29274617111857-5262
15Swansea 2398630-273523751128-41264616131758-6861
16Blackpool 23113929-26362359925-32244616121854-5860
17Bristol City 2388733-293223721429-48234615102162-7755
18Cardiff City 23741222-292523841128-3928461582350-6853
19Hull 23741222-282523751119-2626461492341-5451
20Birmingham 23761027-332723481123-42204611142150-7547
21Reading 23751133-442323631421-4318461382554-8741
22Peterborough 23671027-332523331716-5412469102743-8737
23Derby County FC 23117530-223023361415-3144614131945-5334
24Barnsley 23571118-292223151715-448466122833-7330
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
26/2 2022
EFL Championship - Grundserie
0 - 1
20/10 2021
EFL Championship - Grundserie
2 - 0
30/7 2020
EFL Championship - Playoff
1 - 2
27/7 2020
EFL Championship - Playoff
0 - 2
10/7 2020
EFL Championship - Grundserie
2 - 0
30/8 2019
EFL Championship - Grundserie
1 - 1
27/4 2019
Premier League - 2018/19 (England)
1 - 0
20/10 2018
Premier League - 2018/19 (England)
4 - 2
26/12 2017
EFL Championship - 2017/18
2 - 4
9/9 2017
EFL Championship - 2017/18
1 - 1
Teams stats in EFL Championship
Cardiff CityHomeAwayTotal
Games played232346
Games won7815
Games drawn448
Games lost121123
Goals for222850
Goals for per game0,961,222,17
Goals against293968
Goals against per game1,261,702,96
Goals against and for per game2,222,912,57
Games played232346
Games won141327
Games drawn459
Games lost5510
Goals for5650106
Goals for per game2,432,174,61
Goals against202343
Goals against per game0,871,001,87
Goals against and for per game3,303,173,24

Point statistics for Cardiff City - Fulham

Fulham has 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses in their 5 latest matches after defeating Cardiff City. In the last 5 mathces for Cardiff City, the result is 2 wins, 3 losses och 0 draws ? with the loss against Fulham included.

A new win to their name means that Fulham now has secured 7 points out of possible in their last 5 matches. No new points are given Cardiff City after the loss, which means a total point count of 6 points out of the possible over the 5 latest rounds.

Statistics for Cardiff City - Fulham

The Bluebirds has an average of 0,96 goals scored per match at home in EFL Championship. During this season, Cardiff City has conceded a total of 29 goals in 23 games played on home grounds in EFL Championship. That means that Cardiff City has conceded an average of 1,26 goals per match.

During this season of EFL Championship, Cardiff City has scored a total of 50 goals in the 46 matches they have played, which gives them an average of 2,17 goals scored per match. During this season, The Bluebirds has conceded a total of 68 goals in the 46 matches in the league. In average, The Bluebirds has conceded a total of 2,96 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Fulham has scored a total of 50 goals in the 23 away matches they've played this season of EFL Championship. The away team, Fulham, has an average of 1,00 conceded goals per match in EFL Championship.

Fulham have in this season of EFL Championship scored a total of 106 goals. In the 46 matches that Fulham have played this season, an average of 4,61 goals has been scored per match. Fulham has played a total of 46 matches this season, and during those 46 matches the team has conceded a total of 43 goals giving them an average of 1,87 conceded goals per match.