Everton – Watford 29/10, odds and results

Goodison Park 2 - 0 29-10-2019 19:45 EFL Cup 2019/20 City: Liverpool Ground: Grass Capacity: 40157
Best game odds
1 51/100
X 7/2
2 6/1
Chance of winning
Odds for Everton - Watford
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Game facts and information

Match facts Everton - Watford in EFL Cup

Everton and Watford played against each other in EFL Cup with kick-off at 19:45 den29 October.

Everton won the match against Watford

Everton finally came out with a victory of 2 goals against 0. The win means that 3 are given Everton new points in the table for EFL Cup. For Watford on the other hand, there will be no new points in this round.

Odds for Everton - Watford

Ahead of the game between Everton and Watford in EFL Cup, Everton were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. In average, the odds for Everton to win was 563/100 times your wager, at 8 bookmakers in the list above.

Watford were underdogs against Everton, and the highest odds for a Watford win was found at Unibet, to 6/1 times your wager. The bookmaker's didn't think Watford could win, and the 8 betting companies in the comparison offered an average odds of 49/100 for them to win.

Before the game, you could bet on a draw between Everton and Watford to the best odds of 4.50 at Unibet. That Everton and Watford would play a draw did before the game give the avrage odds of 329/100 at the 8 betting companies in our odds comparison.

Point record Everton

Everton has scored 4 points at home during EFL Cup this far, in 2 matches. The team has a record of 2,00 points per home match in average this season.

Everton has on away grounds during this EFL Cup season scored 6 points in 2 matches. This far in the season, Everton has an average of 3,00 points scored per match on away grounds.

Everton has a record this far in EFL Cup of 10 points in the 4 matches played during the season. This means that Everton has an average of 2,50 points per match.

Point record Watford

In 2 matches in EFL Cup, Watford has now scored a total of 6 points. And a record for home matches that reads 3,00 points per match.

In away matches, Watford has scored 0 in EFL Cup in the 1 played away matches. This means that Watford has a record of 0,00 points per away match.

Watford have in 3 matches in EFL Cup this season scored a total of 6. Per match, Watford has an average point of 2,00.

Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
16:00 1/2
1/2 16:00
Premier League
2 - 3
20:45 29/10 2019
2019 29/10 20:45
2 - 0
16:00 17/8 2019
2019 17/8 16:00
Premier League
1 - 0
16:00 9/2 2019
2019 9/2 16:00
Premier League
1 - 0
21:00 10/12 2018
2018 10/12 21:00
Premier League
2 - 2
18:30 24/2 2018
2018 24/2 18:30
Premier League
1 - 0
17:30 5/11 2017
2017 5/11 17:30
Premier League
3 - 2
20:45 12/5 2017
2017 12/5 20:45
Premier League
1 - 0
13:30 10/12 2016
2016 10/12 13:30
Premier League
3 - 2
16:00 9/4 2016
2016 9/4 16:00
Premier League
1 - 1
Teams stats in EFL Cup
Games played224
Games won123
Games drawn101
Games lost000
Goals for4610
Goals for per game2,003,002,50
Goals against224
Goals against per game1,001,001,00
Goals against and for per game3,004,003,50
Games played213
Games won202
Games drawn000
Games lost011
Goals for505
Goals for per game2,500,001,67
Goals against123
Goals against per game0,502,001,00
Goals against and for per game3,002,002,67

Point statistics for Everton - Watford

The winners are awarded 3 new points, which means that Everton now has secured 10 points of 15 possible in the 5 last matches. Watford leaves the match empty handed and has secured 6 points in their last 5 rounds.

10 secured points out of the 15 possible is the record for Everton over the 5 last matches. Watford aren't given any new points for this match, which means that their points over the 5 last rounds stays at 6.

Statistics for Everton - Watford

Everton has an average of 2,00 goals scored per match at home in EFL Cup. In EFL Cup, Everton has conceaded 2 goals on home ground this season.

In the 4 matches Everton has played in EFL Cup this season, the team has scored a total of 10 goals, with an average of 2,50 goals per match. During this season, Everton has conceded a total of 4 goals in the 4 matches in the league. In average, Everton has conceded a total of 1,00 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Watford has scored a total of 0 goals in the 1 away matches they've played this season of EFL Cup. Watford has in the 1 away matches played during this season of EFL Cup conceded a total of 2 goals, and has an average of 2,00 conceded goals per match.

Watford have in this season of EFL Cup scored a total of 5 goals. In the 3 matches that Watford have played this season, an average of 1,67 goals has been scored per match. During the past season, Watford has conceded a total of 3 goals. This means that Watford has conceded an average of 1,00 goals in the 3 matches that has been played in EFL Cup.