Lazio – Parma 12/5, odds and results

Stadio Olimpico 1 - 012-05-2021 19:45Serie A Round 36 Stad: Roma Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 68530
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Lazio - Parma kick-off 12 maj

Lazio and Parma faced each other on 12-05-2021 with kick-off at 19:45 in Serie A.

Lazio won the last match against Parma

It was however Lazio that won the match, with the final result of 1 - 0. Lazio came out as winners, wich means new points for the table. The loss for Parma means no new points in this round of Serie A.

The best odds for Lazio - Parma

The odds before the match in Serie A between Lazio and Parma favoured to win. The betting company gave the highest odds, of 0/0 times your wager if were to win. In average, the betting companies in our odds comparison gave the odds for a win.

offered the best odds for to win, at 0/0 times your wager. In average, the bookmakers in our list gave the odds for to take an unexpected win.

was the betting company that offered the best odds on a draw between Lazio and Parma - . That Lazio and Parma would play a draw did before the game give the avrage odds of at the betting companies in our odds comparison.

Point record Lazio

Lazio has scored 0 points at home during Serie A this far, in 19 matches. And an average score of 0 points per home match.

26 points is the record for Lazio in the 19 home games played in in %event%. In away matches, Lazio has an average of 1,37 points per match.

Lazio has in 38 matches scored 26 points in this season of Serie A. This season, Lazio has an average of 1,37 points mer match.

Point record Parma

Parma has scored 0 points in home matches this far, in the 19 matches played. This means that Lazio scores an average of 0 points per home match.

Lazio has a record for their away matches in Serie A of 9 scored points in the 19 away matches that has been played. In away matches, Parma has scored an average of 0,47 points per match this season.

In Serie A this season, Parma have scored 9 points in the 38 played matches. The result means that Parma has an average of 0,47 scored points per match.

Serie A
5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Inter 19171153-185219116236-173938287389-3591
2Milan 1986531-243019161243-174938247774-4179
3Atalanta 19123449-243919116241-233938239690-4778
4Juventus 19142341-17441997337-203438239678-3778
5Napoli 19124350-204019121635-223738245985-4277
6Lazio 19133336-23421982925-3226382151261-5568
7Roma 19134242-184319541026-4019381881268-5862
8Sassuolo 1978431-272919103633-29333817111064-5662
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10Hellas Verona 1966723-23241956823-25213811121546-4845
11Genoa 1957729-30221955918-28203810121647-5842
12Bologna 1975733-332619361018-32153810111751-6541
13Fiorentina 1966725-25241937922-3416389131647-5940
14Udinese 19541014-19191956828-39213810101842-5840
15Spezia 1957728-332219451024-3917389121752-7239
16Cagliari 19541022-32191946921-2718389101943-5937
17Torino 1939725-36181947825-3319387161550-6937
18Benevento 19271019-39131955921-3620387121940-7533
19Crotone 19521223-351719131522-57638652745-9223
20Parma 19251216-391119161223-449383112439-8320
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
12/5 2021
Serie A - Grundserie
1 - 0
10/1 2021
Serie A - Grundserie
0 - 2
9/2 2020
Serie A - 2019/20 (Italien)
0 - 1
22/9 2019
Serie A - 2019/20 (Italien)
2 - 0
17/3 2019
Serie A - 2018/19
4 - 1
21/10 2018
Serie A - 2018/19
0 - 2
29/4 2015
Serie A - 2014/15
4 - 0
7/12 2014
Serie A - 2014/15
1 - 2
30/3 2014
Serie A - 2013/14
3 - 2
10/11 2013
Serie A - 2013/14
1 - 1
Teams stats in Serie A
Games played191938
Games won13821
Games drawn325
Games lost3912
Goals for362561
Goals for per game1,891,323,21
Goals against233255
Goals against per game1,211,682,89
Goals against and for per game3,113,003,05
Games played191938
Games won213
Games drawn5611
Games lost121224
Goals for162339
Goals for per game0,841,212,05
Goals against394483
Goals against per game2,052,324,37
Goals against and for per game2,893,533,21

Point statistics for Lazio - Parma

The winners are awarded new points, which means that Lazio now has secured 3 points of possible in the 5 last matches. Parma leaves the match empty handed and has secured 0 points in their last 5 rounds.

The new points from the face-off against Parma means that Lazio has collected 3 points of the possible in ther 5 latest matches. Parma doesn't get any new points because of their loss, and have now collected 0 in their 5 latest matches.

Statistics for Lazio - Parma

In home matches this season, Lazio has scored 36 goals in Serie A, meaning that Lazio has an average of 1,89 per match. In the 19 matches played on home ground during this season, Lazio has conceded 23 goals in total, which means an average of 1,21 goals per match.

During this season of Serie A, Lazio has scored a total of 61 goals in the 38 matches they have played, which gives them an average of 3,21 goals scored per match. During this season, Lazio has conceded a total of 55 goals in the 38 matches in the league. In average, Lazio has conceded a total of 2,89 goals per match.

In away matches this season, Parma has scored 23 goals in 19 matches. Parma does on the other hand have a record of 44 conceded goals during this season of Serie A.

Parma have in this season of Serie A scored a total of 39 goals. In the 38 matches that Parma have played this season, an average of 2,05 goals has been scored per match. Looking at the number of goals this season - Parma have conceded an average of 4,37 goals per match in the league, in the 38 matches that has been played.