Leganés – Atlético Madrid 25/8, odds and results

Estadio Municipal de Butarque 0 - 125-08-2019 18:00La Liga Round 2 Stad: Leganés Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 12450
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Leganés - Atlético Madrid kick-off 25 augusti

On 25-08-2019 the match between Leganés - Atlético Madrid in La Liga was played, with kick-off at 18:00.

Atlético Madrid came out with a win against Leganés

In the end, Atlético Madrid won the match against Leganés with a score of 1 - 0. The win means that are given Atlético Madrid new points in the table for La Liga. For Leganés on the other hand, there will be no new points in this round.

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Ahead of the game between Leganés and Atlético Madrid in La Liga, were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. The betting companies in our odds comparison gave the average odds of for to win against .

were underdogs against , and the highest odds for a win was found at , to 0/0 times your wager. Underdogs was no favourite to win the match against , and a bet on them gave the average odds of .

The best odds for a tie between Leganés and Atlético Madrid was available at - at . That Leganés and Atlético Madrid would play a draw did before the game give the avrage odds of at the betting companies in our odds comparison.

Point record Leganés

Leganés has scored 0 points at home during La Liga this far, in 19 matches. The team has a record of 0 points per home match in average this season.

On away grounds, Leganés has scored 16 points in 19 matches. This gives Leganés an away average of 0,84 points per match.

16 points is what Leganés has scored this far during season of La Liga, in 38 played matches. This means that Leganés has an average of 0,84 points per match.

Point record Atlético Madrid

In 19 matches in La Liga, Atlético Madrid has now scored a total of 0 points. At home, Atlético Madrid has an average of 0 scored points per match.

During this season of La Liga, Atlético Madrid has a score of 28 points in 19 away matches that has been played. Atlético Madrid does in other words score 1,47 points in average for each away match.

This season, Atlético Madrid has scored 28 points in La Liga in the 38 played matches. This means that Atlético Madrid has an average of 1,47 points per match this season.

La Liga 2019/20
5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Real Madrid 19154040-114919115330-143838269370-2587
2Barcelona 19162152-16501995534-223238257686-3882
3Atlético Madrid 19126128-114219610323-1628381816451-2770
4Sevilla 19107226-14371996428-2033381913654-3470
5Villarreal 1995537-25321991926-2428381861463-4960
6Real Sociedad 1994633-20311974823-2825381681456-4856
7Granada 19103626-16331965826-2923381681452-4556
8Getafe 1986525-20301966718-17243814121243-3754
9Valencia 19117129-164019341217-37133814111346-5353
10Osasuna 1977526-29281966720-25243813131246-5452
11Athletic Bilbao 1994621-14311948720-24203813121341-3851
12Levante 1995527-193219521220-3417381471747-5349
13Valladolid 19510418-152519451014-2817389151432-4342
14Eibar 1983825-252719361014-3115381191839-5642
15Real Betis 1994634-273119171114-33103810111748-6041
16Alaves 1976620-192719331314-4012381091934-5939
17Celta Vigo 1958622-20231928915-2914387161537-4937
18Leganés 1955917-26201937913-2516388121830-5136
19Mallorca 1983825-222719131515-43638962340-6533
20Espanyol 19261115-311219341212-2713385102327-5825
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
26/1 2020
0 - 0
25/8 2019
0 - 1
9/3 2019
1 - 0
3/11 2018
1 - 1
28/2 2018
4 - 0
30/9 2017
0 - 0
4/2 2017
2 - 0
27/8 2016
0 - 0
Teams stats in La Liga
Games played191938
Games won538
Games drawn5712
Games lost9918
Goals for171330
Goals for per game0,890,681,58
Goals against262551
Goals against per game1,371,322,68
Goals against and for per game2,262,002,13
Atlético MadridHomeAwayTotal
Games played191938
Games won12618
Games drawn61016
Games lost134
Goals for282351
Goals for per game1,471,212,68
Goals against111627
Goals against per game0,580,841,42
Goals against and for per game2,052,052,05

Point statistics for Leganés - Atlético Madrid

3 wins, 0 losses and 2 draws is the result of the last 5 matches for Atlético Madrid after winning against Leganés. For Leganés, the loss means a total of 2 wins, 1 losses and 2 draws over the last 5 rounds of La Liga.

11 secured points out of the possible is the record for Atlético Madrid over the 5 last matches. Leganés aren't given any new points for this match, which means that their points over the 5 last rounds stays at 8.

Goal stats for Leganés and Atlético Madrid

Leganés has scored 17 goals in home matches during this season of La Liga, an average of 0,89 goals scored per match. On home ground, Leganés has conceded an average of 1,37 goals in this season of La Liga.

During this season of La Liga, Leganés has scored a total of 30 goals in the 38 matches they have played, which gives them an average of 1,58 goals scored per match. During this season, Leganés has conceded a total of 51 goals in the 38 matches in the league. In average, Leganés has conceded a total of 2,68 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Atlético Madrid has scored a total of 23 goals in the 19 away matches they've played this season of La Liga. Atlético Madrid does on the other hand have a record of 16 conceded goals during this season of La Liga.

Atlético Madrid has produced an average of 2,68 goals per match in the 38 played in La Liga. Leganés has during this season conceded a total of 51 goals in the 38 matches that has been played in the league.