Schalke 04 – Union Berlin 27/8, odds and results

VELTINS-Arena 1 - 627-08-2022 14:30Bundesliga Round 4 Stad: Gelsenkirchen Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 62271
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Match facts Schalke 04 - Union Berlin in Bundesliga

The match in Bundesliga between Schalke 04 vs Union Berlin match start at 14:30, on 27-08-2022.

Union Berlin left as winners from the last match against Schalke 04

In the end, Union Berlin won the match against Schalke 04 with a score of 6 - 1. Union Berlin gets another new points to the table after defeating Schalke 04. The losing team will on the other hand leave this round of Bundesliga empty handed.

The best odds for Schalke 04 - Union Berlin

Before the match between Schalke 04 and Union Berlin in Bundesliga, were favourites to win according to the odds. The betting companies in our odds comparison gave the average odds of for to win against .

was expected to lose against , and the best odds on as winners was found at to the odds of 0/0. The bookmaker's didn't think could win, and the betting companies in the comparison offered an average odds of for them to win.

A draw between Schalke 04 and Union Berlin gave the highest odds of at . In average, the bookmakers we compared gave an odds of for a draw between Schalke 04 - Union Berlin.

Point record Schalke 04

At home, Schalke 04 has scored 0 points in 17 matches during this season of Bundesliga. A record that means an average of 0 scored points per home match.

Schalke 04 has an away record of 11 points scored in the 17 matches played on away grounds. In away matches, Schalke 04 has an average of 0,65 points per match.

In Bundesliga, Schalke 04 has scored 11 points in the 34 matches played so far. Schalke 04 has a point average per match of 0,65.

Point record Union Berlin

Union Berlin has played 17 home matches in Bundesliga this season, with 0 collected points. And a record for home matches that reads 0 points per match.

Schalke 04 has a record for their away matches in Bundesliga of 23 scored points in the 17 away matches that has been played. This far in the season, Union Berlin has an away average of 1,35 points per match.

In the 34 matches Union Berlin has played in Bundesliga this season, they have scored a total of 23 points. With that, Union Berlin has scored an average of 1,35 points per played game.

Bundesliga 2022/23
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Bayern Munich 17115153-173817103439-213334218592-3871
2Borussia Dortmund 17142155-17441783628-272734225783-4471
3RB Leipzig 17132238-18411774626-232534206864-4166
4Union Berlin 17116030-11391772821-272334188851-3862
5Freiburg 17104328-13341774623-312534178951-4459
6Bayer Leverkusen 1783635-23271765622-2623341481257-4950
7Eintracht Frankfurt 1795335-18321746723-34183413111058-5250
8Wolfsburg 1767434-25251773723-23243413101157-4849
9FSV Mainz 05 1766531-25241764723-30223412101254-5546
10Mönchengladbach 17103433-18331717919-37103411101352-5543
11FC Köln 1765628-20231747621-34193410121249-5442
12Hoffenheim 1772828-292317341020-2813341061848-5736
13Werder Bremen 17521026-28171754825-3619341061851-6436
14Bochum 1782728-322617231212-409341051940-7235
15FC Augsburg 1764716-242217331126-391234971842-6334
16Stuttgart 1756623-22211726922-3512347121545-5733
17Schalke 04 1755723-362017251012-3511347101735-7131
18Hertha Berlin 1756624-272117221318-42834781942-6929
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
19/2 2023
Bundesliga - Grundserie
0 - 0
27/8 2022
Bundesliga - Grundserie
1 - 6
13/2 2021
Bundesliga - Grundserie
0 - 0
18/10 2020
Bundesliga - Grundserie
1 - 1
7/6 2020
Bundesliga - 2019/20
1 - 1
29/11 2019
Bundesliga - 2019/20
2 - 1
Teams stats in Bundesliga
Schalke 04HomeAwayTotal
Games played171734
Games won527
Games drawn5510
Games lost71017
Goals for231235
Goals for per game1,350,712,06
Goals against363571
Goals against per game2,122,064,18
Goals against and for per game3,472,763,12
Union BerlinHomeAwayTotal
Games played171734
Games won11718
Games drawn628
Games lost088
Goals for302151
Goals for per game1,761,243,00
Goals against112738
Goals against per game0,651,592,24
Goals against and for per game2,412,822,62

Point statistics for Schalke 04 - Union Berlin

The winners are awarded new points, which means that Union Berlin now has secured 4 points of possible in the 5 last matches. Schalke 04 leaves the match empty handed and has secured 3 points in their last 5 rounds.

The new points from the face-off against Schalke 04 means that Union Berlin has collected 4 points of the possible in ther 5 latest matches. Schalke 04 doesn't get any new points because of their loss, and have now collected 3 in their 5 latest matches.

Statistics for Schalke 04 - Union Berlin

Calculating the total amounts of goals scored per match on home ground this season of Bundesliga, Schalke 04 has scored an average of 1,35 per match in 17 matches. During this season, Schalke 04 has conceded a total of 36 goals in 17 games played on home grounds in Bundesliga. That means that Schalke 04 has conceded an average of 2,12 goals per match.

During this season of Bundesliga, Schalke 04 has scored a total of 35 goals in the 34 matches they have played, which gives them an average of 2,06 goals scored per match. During this season, Schalke 04 has conceded a total of 71 goals in the 34 matches in the league. In average, Schalke 04 has conceded a total of 4,18 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Union Berlin has scored a total of 21 goals in the 17 away matches they've played this season of Bundesliga. Union Berlin has conceded a total of 27 goals in away matches during this season of Bundesliga. In the 17 away matches that Union Berlin has played, there has been an average of 1,59 conceded goals per match.

Union Berlin have in this season of Bundesliga scored a total of 51 goals. In the 34 matches that Union Berlin have played this season, an average of 3,00 goals has been scored per match. Schalke 04 has during this season conceded a total of 71 goals in the 34 matches that has been played in the league.