Southampton – Tottenham 18/3, odds and results

St. Mary's Stadium 3 - 318-03-2023 15:00Premier League Round 28 Stad: Southampton, Hampshire Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 32689
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Southampton - Tottenham in Premier League

The match was played in Premier League between Southampton and Tottenham. The match started at 15:00 on 18 mars.

Southampton - Tottenham tied

The match between Southampton and Tottenham ended in a draw with the score of 3 - 3. Both Southampton and Tottenham can add another points to their name in the table after the tied result in the match.

Odds for Southampton - Tottenham

Ahead of the game between Southampton and Tottenham in Premier League, were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. The betting companies in our list gave the average odds on favorites to win the match.

was expected to lose against , and the best odds on as winners was found at to the odds of 0/0. The average odds for underdogs to win gave the average odds of at the bookmakers we compared odds from.

gave the best odds for a draw between Southampton and Tottenham, times your wager. In average, the bookmakers we compared gave an odds of for a draw between Southampton - Tottenham.

Point record Southampton

During this season of Premier League, Southampton has scored a total of 0 points in the 19 matches played at home. In home matches, Southampton has an average of 0 points per match.

Southampton has on away grounds during this Premier League season scored 14 points in 19 matches. This means that Southampton has an away match average of 0,74 points per match.

In the 38 matches Southampton during this season of Premier League, the team has scored a total of 14 points. This means that Southampton has an average of 0,74 points per match.

Point record Tottenham

Tottenham has scored 0 points in home matches this far, in the 19 matches played. With that, the team has an average of 0 points per home game.

Tottenham has a score of 23 points in Premier League in 19 played away matches. This means that Tottenham has a record of 1,21 points per away match.

Tottenham has in Premier League scored 23 points in 38 played matches this season. With that, the team has scored 1,21 per match in average.

Premier League 2022/23
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Manchester City 19171160-175219114434-163738285594-3389
2Arsenal 19143253-254519123435-183938266688-4384
3Manchester United 19153136-10481983822-332738236958-4375
4Newcastle 19116236-14391988332-1932381914568-3371
5Liverpool 19135146-17441965829-3023381910975-4767
6Brighton 19104537-21341984735-3228381881272-5362
7Aston Villa 19122533-21381965818-2523381871351-4661
8Tottenham 19121637-25371965833-3823381861470-6360
9Brentford 19107235-18371957723-2822381514958-4659
10Fulham 1985631-292919721024-2423381571655-5352
11Crystal Palace 1977521-232819451019-26173811121540-4945
12Chelsea 1967620-192519541018-28193811111638-4744
13Wolverhampton 1993719-203019251212-3811381181931-5841
14West Ham 1984726-242819331316-3112381172042-5540
15Bournemouth 1964920-282219521217-4317381162137-7139
16Nottingham 1986527-243019151311-448389111838-6838
17Everton 19631016-27211929818-3015388121834-5736
18Leicester 19541023-271919431228-411538972251-6834
19Leeds 1957726-372219231422-419387102148-7831
20Southampton 19251219-371119421317-361438672536-7325
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
18/3 2023
Premier League - Grundserie
3 - 3
6/8 2022
Premier League - Grundserie
4 - 1
9/2 2022
Premier League - 2021/22
2 - 3
28/12 2021
Premier League - 2021/22
1 - 1
21/4 2021
Premier League - Grundserie
2 - 1
20/9 2020
Premier League - Grundserie
2 - 5
5/2 2020
3 - 2
25/1 2020
1 - 1
1/1 2020
Premier League - Grundserie
1 - 0
28/9 2019
Premier League - Grundserie
2 - 1
Teams stats in Premier League
Games played191938
Games won246
Games drawn527
Games lost121325
Goals for191736
Goals for per game1,000,891,89
Goals against373673
Goals against per game1,951,893,84
Goals against and for per game2,952,792,87
Games played191938
Games won12618
Games drawn156
Games lost6814
Goals for373370
Goals for per game1,951,743,68
Goals against253863
Goals against per game1,322,003,32
Goals against and for per game3,263,743,50

Points statistics for Southampton - Tottenham

Both teams can note a draw in their record for the 5 last played matches. That means 0 wins, 1 draws and 4 losses Southampton, and a total of 1 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses for Tottenham.

Krysset innebär nya poäng till båda lagen efter matchen. Med det har Southampton spelat in 1 poäng, samtidigt som Tottenham har spelat in 4 poäng av totalt möjliga på sina fem senaste matcherna.

Statistics for Southampton - Tottenham

In home matches this season, Southampton has scored 19 goals in Premier League, meaning that Southampton has an average of 1,00 per match. Southampton has conceded a total of 37 goals on home ground during this season of Premier League. In the 19 matches played on home ground Southampton has an average of 1,95 conceded goals per match.

Southampton has scored an average of 1,89 goals per match in the 38 matches played in Premier League this season. During this season, Southampton has conceded a total of 73 goals in the 38 matches in the league. In average, Southampton has conceded a total of 3,84 goals per match.

In away matches this season, Tottenham has scored 33 goals in 19 matches. In away matches, Tottenham has conceded an average of 2,00 goals in the 19 away games that has been played.

Tottenham has produced an average of 3,68 goals per match in the 38 played in Premier League. Southampton has during this season conceded a total of 73 goals in the 38 matches that has been played in the league.