SPAL – Lazio 15/9, odds and results

Stadio Paolo Mazza 2 - 115-09-2019 14:00Serie A Round 3 Stad: Ferrara Underlag: Gräs Kapacitet: 16134
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Match information for SPAL -– Lazio in Serie A

On 15-09-2019 the match between SPAL - Lazio in Serie A was played, with kick-off at 14:00.

SPAL left as winners from the last match against Lazio

It was however SPAL that won the match, with the final result of 2 - 1.  new points are handed to SPALin the Serie A table for the win. Lazio lost the match, and won´t be given any points in this round.

Odds for SPAL - Lazio

Before the match between SPAL and Lazio in Serie A, were favourites to win according to the odds. The betting companies gave the average odds of on to win the match.

The bookies didn't believe in a win for against . offered the best odds for a win, 0/0. If we compare the odds from the betting companies in our list, a bet on to win gave the average odds of .

The best odds for a draw was offered by , to times the money. The average odds for a draw offered by the betting companies we compared odds from was .

Point record SPAL

SPAL has scored 0 points at home during Serie A this far, in 19 matches. In the 19 home matches played, SPAL now has an average of 0 points per match.

In away matches, SPAL has during this season scored a total of 10 points in 19 away matches. This means that SPAL has an average score in away matches of 0,53 points per match.

SPAL has in 38 matches scored 10 points in this season of Serie A. This results in an average of 0,53 points per match for SPAL.

Point record Lazio

In 19 matches in Serie A, Lazio has now scored a total of 0 points. Over 19 matches played on home ground in this season of Serie A, Lazio has scored an average of 0 points per match.

SPAL has a record for their away matches in Serie A of 33 scored points in the 19 away matches that has been played. This means that SPAL has an average of 1,74 points per match on away grounds.

Lazio in Serie A have scored 33 points in a total of 38 matches. Lazio therefore has an average of 1,74 scored points per match.

Serie A
2019/205 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Juventus 19162146-175019103630-263338265776-4383
2Inter 19116240-173919134241-1943382410481-3682
3Atalanta 19122551-263819117147-224038239698-4878
4Lazio 19143246-174519103633-253338246879-4278
5Roma 19104536-273419113541-2436382171077-5170
6Milan 1996431-203319103632-2633381991063-4666
7Napoli 19103631-24331985630-2629381881261-5062
8Sassuolo 1983844-33271966725-3024381491569-6351
9Fiorentina 1958622-22231975729-26263812131351-4849
10Parma 19721026-24231975730-3326381471756-5749
11Hellas Verona 1995529-25321938818-26173812131347-5149
12Bologna 1958625-29231973927-36243812111552-6547
13Cagliari 1974832-28251948720-28203811121552-5645
14Udinese 1966718-232419631019-2821381291737-5145
15Sampdoria 1964925-302219621123-3520381262048-6542
16Torino 1974823-302519431223-3815381172046-6840
17Genoa 19711124-31221938823-4217381091947-7339
18Lecce 19451030-411719531122-441838982152-8535
19Brescia 19351121-341419321414-451138672535-7925
20SPAL 19241316-401019311511-371038552827-7720
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
2/2 2020
Serie A - 2019/20 (Italien)
5 - 1
15/9 2019
Serie A - 2019/20 (Italien)
2 - 1
3/4 2019
Serie A - 2018/19
1 - 0
4/11 2018
Serie A - 2018/19
4 - 1
6/1 2018
Serie A - 2017/18
2 - 5
20/8 2017
Serie A - 2017/18
0 - 0
Teams stats in Serie A
Games played191938
Games won235
Games drawn415
Games lost131528
Goals for161127
Goals for per game0,840,581,42
Goals against403777
Goals against per game2,111,954,05
Goals against and for per game2,952,532,74
Games played191938
Games won141024
Games drawn336
Games lost268
Goals for463379
Goals for per game2,421,744,16
Goals against172542
Goals against per game0,891,322,21
Goals against and for per game3,323,053,18

Point statistics for SPAL - Lazio

The winners are awarded new points, which means that SPAL now has secured 0 points of possible in the 5 last matches. Lazio leaves the match empty handed and has secured 4 points in their last 5 rounds.

The new points from the face-off against Lazio means that SPAL has collected 0 points of the possible in ther 5 latest matches. Lazio doesn't get any new points because of their loss, and have now collected 4 in their 5 latest matches.

Goal stats for SPAL and Lazio

Calculating the total amounts of goals scored per match on home ground this season of Serie A, SPAL has scored an average of 0,84 per match in 19 matches. In Serie A, SPAL has conceaded 40 goals on home ground this season.

In the 38 matches SPAL has played in Serie A this season, the team has scored a total of 27 goals, which means an average of 1,42 goals scored per match. During this season, SPAL has conceded a total of 77 goals in the 38 matches in the league. In average, SPAL has conceded a total of 4,05 goals per match.

In away matches this season, Lazio has scored 33 goals in 19 matches. In away matches, Lazio has conceded an average of 1,32 goals in the 19 away games that has been played.

Lazio has produced an average of 4,16 goals per match in the 38 played in Serie A. During the past season, Lazio has conceded a total of 42 goals. This means that Lazio has conceded an average of 2,21 goals in the 38 matches that has been played in Serie A.