Genoa – Fiorentina 19/8, odds and results

1 - 419-08-2023 19:45Serie A Round 1
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Match facts Genoa - Fiorentina in Serie A

Genoa and Fiorentina faced each other in Serie A on 19/8, starting at 19:45.

Fiorentina won the match against Genoa

Fiorentina left as winners from the match against Genoa, which they won with 4 goals against 1. Fiorentina came out as winners, wich means new points for the table. The loss for Genoa means no new points in this round of Serie A.

Odds for Genoa - Fiorentina

The odds before the match in Serie A between Genoa and Fiorentina favoured to win. The betting company gave the highest odds, of 0/0 times your wager if were to win. The betting companies in our list gave the average odds on favorites to win the match.

gave the best odds for a som win, to the odds of 0/0 times your wager. The average odds for to win was before kick-off.

A bet on draw between Genoa and Fiorentina gave at most the odds of , which cas offered at . Before kick-off between Genoa - Fiorentina, a bet on a draw gave an average odds of .

Point record Genoa

Genoa has scored 0 points at home during Serie A this far, in 15 matches. This means that Genoa scored an avrage of 0 points per home match.

This season, Genoa has scored 17 points in 16 away matches played.  In away matches, Genoa has an average of 1,06 points per match.

In the 31 matches Genoa during this season of Serie A, the team has scored a total of 17 points. Genoa has a point average per match of 1,06.

Point record Fiorentina

In 15 matches in Serie A, Fiorentina has now scored a total of 0 points. And a record for home matches that reads 0 points per match.

Fiorentina has in their away matches this season scores 16 points in Serie A in 15 matches. This means that Fiorentina has a record of 1,07 points per away match.

Fiorentina in Serie A have scored 16 points in a total of 30 matches. This means that Fiorentina has an average of 1,07 points per match this season.

Serie A 2023/24
Grundserie5 most recentMPWDLGF-GAPts
1Inter 16132139-84115132036-74131264175-1582
2Milan 15112226-83516103334-263331215560-3468
3Juventus 16105123-10351583422-142731188545-2462
4Bologna 16122229-8381548316-1720311610545-2558
5Roma 16113235-15361554621-201931167856-3555
6Atalanta 14101331-10311654724-2419301551055-3450
7Lazio 1683519-13271671822-2222321541341-3549
8Napoli 1564520-21221675428-172631139948-3848
9Torino 1576215-8271645716-2117311111931-2944
10Fiorentina 1583427-17271544715-1816301271142-3543
11Monza 1665520-21231554614-2019311191134-4142
12Genoa 1556420-20211645714-1817319111134-3838
13Cagliari 1665523-26231514109-26731791532-5230
14Lecce 1555515-22201616911-269316111426-4829
15Udinese 1619618-25121537512-2216314161130-4728
16Empoli 1634912-22131543813-251531771725-4728
17Hellas Verona 1545617-211716241011-211031691628-4227
18Frosinone 1664625-262215041113-35431681738-6126
19Sassuolo 1544719-261616231117-33931671836-5925
20Salernitana 16151015-32816141111-36732292126-6815
Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
19/8 2023
Serie A - Grundserie
1 - 4
17/1 2022
Serie A - Grundserie
6 - 0
18/9 2021
Serie A - Grundserie
1 - 2
3/4 2021
Serie A - Grundserie
1 - 1
7/12 2020
Serie A - Grundserie
1 - 1
25/1 2020
Serie A - 2019/20 (Italien)
0 - 0
1/9 2019
Serie A - 2019/20 (Italien)
2 - 1
26/5 2019
Serie A - 2018/19
0 - 0
29/12 2018
Serie A - 2018/19
0 - 0
6/5 2018
Serie A - 2017/18
2 - 3
Teams stats in Serie A
Games played151631
Games won549
Games drawn6511
Games lost4711
Goals for201434
Goals for per game1,330,882,13
Goals against201838
Goals against per game1,331,132,38
Goals against and for per game2,672,002,32
Games played151530
Games won8412
Games drawn347
Games lost4711
Goals for271542
Goals for per game1,801,002,80
Goals against171835
Goals against per game1,131,202,33
Goals against and for per game2,932,202,57

Point statistics for Genoa - Fiorentina

Fiorentina has 0 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in their 5 latest matches after defeating Genoa. In the last 5 mathces for Genoa, the result is 1 wins, 1 losses och 3 draws ? with the loss against Fiorentina included.

The new points from the face-off against Genoa means that Fiorentina has collected 2 points of the possible in ther 5 latest matches. Genoa doesn't get any new points because of their loss, and have now collected 6 in their 5 latest matches.

Statistics for Genoa - Fiorentina

Genoa has an average of 1,33 goals scored per match at home in Serie A. During this season, Genoa has conceded a total of 20 goals in 15 games played on home grounds in Serie A. That means that Genoa has conceded an average of 1,33 goals per match.

Genoa has scored an average of 2,13 goals per match in the 31 matches played in Serie A this season. During this season, Genoa has conceded a total of 38 goals in the 31 matches in the league. In average, Genoa has conceded a total of 2,38 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Fiorentina has scored a total of 15 goals in the 15 away matches they've played this season of Serie A. The away team, Fiorentina, has an average of 1,20 conceded goals per match in Serie A.

Fiorentina have in this season of Serie A scored a total of 42 goals. In the 30 matches that Fiorentina have played this season, an average of 2,80 goals has been scored per match. Genoa has during this season conceded a total of 38 goals in the 31 matches that has been played in the league.