Genoa – Milan

21-01-2019 20:00 Serie A live stream:
Best game odds
1 13/5
X 12/5
2 5/4
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Game facts and information

Kick-off 21-01-2019 20:00

Genoa will face Milan in a match starting at 20:00 on the 21/1 in Serie A.

Watch Genoa - Milan live stream

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If we have a look at the odds from the betting companies, Milan are favorites to win. You'll find the highest odds at Unibet for 2.25 times your wager. If you're interested in betting on Genoa, who are tipped for defeat att the betting companies, you're best of placing your bet at Bethard who will give you the highest odds, of 3.60 times your money.

Milan won the last time the teams met

Milan won the latest game, on the 31 oktober, in Serie A with the result of 2-1 against Genoa.

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Results mutual meetings
Teams stats in Serie A

In home matches this season, Genoa has scored 14 goals in Serie A, meaning that Genoa has an average of 1,40 per match. In the 10 matches played on home ground during this season, Genoa has conceded 11 goals in total, which means an average of 1,10 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Milan has scored a total of 10 goals in the 9 away matches they've played this season. In away matches, Milan has conceded an average of 0,89 goals in the 9 away games that has been played.

In total, Genoa has produced 25 goals in Serie A during the season. In the 19 matches the team has played, Genoa has an average of 1,32 goals scored per game. During the past season, Genoa conceded a total of 35 goals in the 19 matches played in the league. In average, Genoa has conceded a total of 1,84 goals per match.

Milan has produced an average of 1,37 goals per match in the 19 played in Serie A. During the past season, Milan has conceded a total of 20 goals. This means that Milan has scored an average of 1,05 goals in the 19 matches that has been played in Serie A.