Tottenham – Middlesbrough 14/1, odds and results

Best game odds
1 11/50
X 113/20
2 13/1
Chance of winning
Odds for Tottenham - Middlesbrough
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Game facts and information

How Tottenham - Middlesbrough played out in FA Cup

The match in FA Cup between Tottenham and Middlesbrough was played on 14/1 at 20:05.

Tottenham left as winners from the last match against Middlesbrough

The match ended in a victory for Tottenham, who won with 2 goals against 1. The win against Middlesbrough means 3 new points for Tottenham in the FA Cup table. Middlesbrough walks away from this round without any new points.

Odds for Tottenham - Middlesbrough

Ahead of the game between Tottenham and Middlesbrough in FA Cup, Tottenham were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. Average odds for favourite Tottenham, at the 6 betting companies was 277/25.

Middlesbrough was the betting compainie's undergog in the match against Tottenham. The best odds for a Middlesbrough win could be found at Fansbet, 13/1. The average odds for Middlesbrough to win was 21/100 before kick-off.

A bet on draw between Tottenham and Middlesbrough gave at most the odds of 6.65, which cas offered at Fansbet. Before the match between Tottenham and Middlesbrough, the 6 betting companies in the list above gave the average odds of 269/50 for a draw.

Point record Tottenham

Tottenham has scored 3 points at home during FA Cup this far, in 1 matches. In home matches, Tottenham has an average of 3,00 points per match.

In away matches, Tottenham has during this season scored a total of 1 points in 1 away matches. In FA Cup, Tottenham does in other words have an average of 1,00 scored points per away match.

4 points is what Tottenham has scored this far during season of FA Cup, in 2 played matches. This means that Tottenham has an average of 2,00 points per match.

Point record Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has during this season of FA Cup secured 1 points in the 1 matches played at home. At home, Middlesbrough has an average of 1,00 scored points per match.

During this season of FA Cup, Middlesbrough has a score of 0 points in 1 away matches that has been played. This far in the season, Middlesbrough has an away average of 0,00 points per match.

Middlesbrough in FA Cup have scored 1 points in a total of 2 matches. With that, the team has scored 0,50 per match in average.

Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
21:05 14/1
14/1 21:05
2 - 1
15:01 5/1
5/1 15:01
1 - 1
18:30 4/2 2017
2017 4/2 18:30
1 - 0
16:00 24/9 2016
2016 24/9 16:00
1 - 2
21:00 4/3 2009
2009 4/3 21:00
4 - 0
Teams stats in FA Cup
Games played112
Games won101
Games drawn011
Games lost000
Goals for213
Goals for per game2,001,001,50
Goals against112
Goals against per game1,001,001,00
Goals against and for per game3,002,002,50
Games played112
Games won000
Games drawn101
Games lost011
Goals for112
Goals for per game1,001,001,00
Goals against123
Goals against per game1,002,001,50
Goals against and for per game2,003,002,50

Point statistics for Tottenham - Middlesbrough

Winning the match means that Tottenham now has won 1, played 1 draws and lost 0 of ther 5 latest matches. Middlesbrough have won 0, tied in 1 and lost 1 of their 5 latest matches after losing this match to Tottenham.

New points are awarded to Tottenham after the win, which means that they have collected 4 of the 15 possible points during their 5 last matches. The loss for Middlesbrough means zero points, and they have now collected 1 points in their 5 latest matches.

Goal stats for Tottenham and Middlesbrough

In home matches this season, Tottenham has scored 2 goals in FA Cup, meaning that Tottenham has an average of 2,00 per match. On home ground, Tottenham has conceded an average of 1,00 goals in this season of FA Cup.

In the 2 matches Tottenham has played in FA Cup this season, the team has scored a total of 3 goals, with an average of 1,50 goals per match. During this season, Tottenham has conceded a total of 2 goals in the 2 matches in the league. In average, Tottenham has conceded a total of 1,00 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Middlesbrough has scored a total of 1 goals in the 1 away matches they've played this season of FA Cup. The away team, Middlesbrough, has an average of 2,00 conceded goals per match in FA Cup.

Middlesbrough has produced an average of 1,00 goals per match in the 2 played in FA Cup. During the past season, Middlesbrough has conceded a total of 3 goals. This means that Middlesbrough has conceded an average of 1,50 goals in the 2 matches that has been played in FA Cup.