Tottenham – Norwich 4/3, odds and results

3 - 4 04-03-2020 19:45 FA Cup
Best game odds
1 57/100
X 17/5
2 5/1
Chance of winning
Odds for Tottenham - Norwich
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Game facts and information

Match information for Tottenham -– Norwich in FA Cup

The match in FA Cup between Tottenham and Norwich was played on 4/3 at 19:45.

Norwich won the match against Tottenham

The match between Tottenham and Norwich ended in a victory for Norwich. with a final result of 4 - 3. Norwich gets another 3 new points to the table after defeating Tottenham. The losing team will on the other hand leave this round of FA Cup empty handed.

Odds for Tottenham - Norwich

Ahead of the game between Tottenham and Norwich in FA Cup, Tottenham were favourites to win according to the betting companies' odds. That Tottenham would win as expected gave the average odds of 19/4 at the 6 betting companies in our list.

Fansbet gave the best odds for a Norwich som win, to the odds of 5/1 times your wager. The bookmaker's didn't think Norwich could win, and the 6 betting companies in the comparison offered an average odds of 14/25 for them to win.

Unibet gave the best odds for a draw between Tottenham and Norwich, 4.40 times your wager. In average, the 6 bookmakers we compared gave an odds of 337/100 for a draw between Tottenham - Norwich.

Point record Tottenham

At home, Tottenham has scored 6 points in 3 matches during this season of FA Cup. And an average score of 2,00 points per home match.

This season, Tottenham has scored 2 points in 2 away matches played.  In FA Cup, Tottenham does in other words have an average of 1,00 scored points per away match.

In 5 played matches, Tottenham has scored 8 points in FA Cup.  This results in an average of 1,60 points per match for Tottenham.

Point record Norwich

In 1 matches in FA Cup, Norwich has now scored a total of 0 points. And a home record that means 0,00 points per home match.

In away matches, Norwich has scored 9 in FA Cup in the 3 played away matches. In away matches, Norwich has scored an average of 3,00 points per match.

In FA Cup this season, Norwich have scored 9 points in the 4 played matches. The result means that Norwich has an average of 2,25 scored points per match.

Results mutual meetings
Results mutual meetings
20:45 4/3
4/3 20:45
3 - 4 ot
20:30 22/1
22/1 20:30
Premier League
2 - 1
18:30 28/12 2019
2019 28/12 18:30
Premier League
2 - 2
20:45 2/2 2016
2016 2/2 20:45
Premier League
0 - 3
16:00 26/12 2015
2015 26/12 16:00
Premier League
3 - 0
17:00 23/2 2014
2014 23/2 17:00
Premier League
1 - 0
16:00 14/9 2013
2013 14/9 16:00
Premier League
2 - 0
20:45 30/1 2013
2013 30/1 20:45
Premier League
1 - 1
16:00 1/9 2012
2012 1/9 16:00
Premier League
1 - 1
16:00 9/4 2012
2012 9/4 16:00
Premier League
1 - 2
Teams stats in FA Cup
Games played325
Games won202
Games drawn022
Games lost101
Goals for8210
Goals for per game2,671,002,00
Goals against729
Goals against per game2,331,001,80
Goals against and for per game5,002,003,80
Games played134
Games won033
Games drawn000
Games lost101
Goals for11011
Goals for per game1,003,332,75
Goals against268
Goals against per game2,002,002,00
Goals against and for per game3,005,334,75

Point statistics for Tottenham - Norwich

Winning the match means that Norwich now has won 3, played 0 draws and lost 1 of ther 5 latest matches. Tottenham have won 2, tied in 2 and lost 1 of their 5 latest matches after losing this match to Norwich.

A new win to their name means that Norwich now has secured 9 points out of 15 possible in their last 5 matches. No new points are given Tottenham after the loss, which means a total point count of 8 points out of the 15 possible over the 5 latest rounds.

Statistics for Tottenham - Norwich

Tottenham has scored 8 goals in home matches during this season of FA Cup, an average of 2,67 goals scored per match. In FA Cup, Tottenham has conceaded 7 goals on home ground this season.

In total, Tottenham has produced 10 goals in FA Cup during the season. In the 5 matches the team has played, Tottenham has an average of 2,00 goals scored per game. During this season, Tottenham has conceded a total of 9 goals in the 5 matches in the league. In average, Tottenham has conceded a total of 1,80 goals per match.

Looking to the amount of scored goals in away matches, Norwich has scored a total of 10 goals in the 3 away matches they've played this season of FA Cup. In away matches, Norwich has conceded an average of 2,00 goals in the 3 away games that has been played.

Norwich have in this season of FA Cup scored a total of 11 goals. In the 4 matches that Norwich have played this season, an average of 2,75 goals has been scored per match. Looking at the number of goals this season - Norwich have conceded an average of 2,00 goals per match in the league, in the 4 matches that has been played.